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    David Warner passes away

    Veteran actor David Warner, who's been in a bunch of stuff including Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country (Chancellor Gorkon), Tron (Ed Dillinger and Sark), a bunch of voices for games and cartoons, and more, passed away at 80 years old from "cancer-related illness"...
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    Fictional starship size comparisons

    Saw this posted on FB, and of course I had to share it. A size comparison of various spacecraft in fiction, on screen, in books, and in video games. Around the 2:10 mark and 4:00 mark there are craft that should be familiar to those following Star Citizen. It did not, however, include any WC...
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    Razorfist plays Wing Commander (1st game)

    While flipping through Youtube for other stuff, I came across a recording YT ranter Razorfist did of playing through the first WC game a few days ago. He is more than a little free with foul language, so NSFW, but here is the 4h31m video. (I used a timestamp in the link to get past the "please...
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    A giant of SF has passed

    Earlier today, Jerry Pournelle died. By other reports, he had laid down for a nap, and passed away. I was minorly annoyed at myself for missing him at Dragoncon this year, but now I'm really kicking myself. :( Requiescat in pace, Jerry.
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    Starship Taxonomy

    Or: A battleship by any other name would kill just as much Saw this link on Facebook, regarding ship type classifications, both historical and as applied to SF universes (Mass Effect and Halo getting particular attention, based primarily on the author's personal knowledge I think). It mentions...
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    Baen E-book publishing changes

    Within the next week or so, at a guesstimate, Baen will be going with a third-party publisher (as yet unnamed) for their e-book library. To meet the policies of this publisher, there will be changes to what's available online, in particular in regards to the Free Library and the monthly bundles...
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    XBox 360 dashboard fall update

    I just downloaded it and accepted the new terms of service (not sure what was changed, offhand), and... visually, I'm rather unimpressed. They made the dashboard even more obnoxious (blocking more of the view of any background image you have, like the Arena theme stuff), and where that...
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    Dragoncon: the return

    Instead of digging up the D*C subforum, I'm posting this here in a shameless abuse of mah authorateh because I'm lazy. :D Everyone got in Thursday (some later than others, I'll let the slowpokes chime in on their own), and all spent at least a few hours waiting in the pre-registration lines to...
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    Destroyers and frigates

    On a mailing list I participate on, a discussion on the HMS Sheffield came up, about its damage from the Argentine-fired Exocet missile it took during the Falkland Islands campaign. The old saw about "the aluminum superstructure was the problem" came up, so I did some digging to make sure my...
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    Talk about dedication...

    Lego version of Gen Greivous' ship from Ep3 (Feel free to skip the comments. Usual mix of "attaboy"s and "no life"s.)
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    Rain on the Scarecrow

    [This is something that's been on a slow boil in the back of my mind for the last few days. As one might guess from the title, it's inspired by the John Mellencamp song "Rain on the Scarecrow", the lyrics of which you can find here.] Rain on the Scarecrow "Captain Johnathan Princeton...
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    Data joins Robot Hall of Fame

    Figured that between the trekies and the techies here, someone would be interested. :)
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    Read the forum rules, people

    Lately, there seems to be a lot of people who just don't seem to have read the forum rules. Frankly, this is annoying me, and not just because of the administrative hassle of banning people and closing threads for violations of said rules. You have to read the rules when you sign up, and they...
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    So much for the importance of the intarweb...

    "Snakes on a Plane" weekend boxoffice shows no influence by internet marketing. (Not sure if all that extra stuff in the URL works for registration for others. There's always BugMeNot if you don't want to register at, though.)
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    It's coming up on...

    ... yep, that time. To kick things off for this year, who's planning on coming? Obviously I'm going, or I wouldn't have bothered with this post, and the CIC staff crew is pretty much a given. Those curious about what it's like can peek in on the conventions page, with links to galleries...
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    Anyone talking about "irony" will be summarily executed

    Test pilot Scott Crossfield, the first pilot to break Mach 2, found dead in the wreckage of his private plane.
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    Medical applications of Super Soakers

    Super Soaker Max-D 5000 used for cleaning out ear crud.
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    Hmm, interesting...

    Fan-made Halo side-scroller, set before the events of the first game. (I've not really been into SSes since Commander Keen or the original Duke Nukem, nor am I really into Halo, but I figured there are folks here who are into SSes and/or Halo.)
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    "Cone of Silence" really is silent now

    Don Adams passed away.
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    Ownage on World of Warcraft boards

    WoW-playing mom pwns son. (Posts 3 and 5 being the important ones.)