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    Some ship updates

    Here are two updated models, first the much more detailed Caernavon class frigate model, now final with glowpoints and glowmaps: and the updated Sheffield class destroyer(that model was already complete, but not very accurate and underdetailed). Now it features more details, some as seen...
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    Movie ship question

    Is this just concept art, or did that ship type actually appear in the WC movie? It says it's Snakeir class, but the WCM Snakeir looked considerably different IIRC, that one looks like some kind of terran space battleship or something.
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    Green, but still ugly.

    Probably like this! Now what do you think, people? Is it a bit more pleasent to look at? BTW thanks to Eder for allowing me to use his model as reference.
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    I-War Question

    I'd like to replay the original I-War with all it's 3dfx glory on, problem is that I don't have a 3dfx card. Can anyone point me to an unwrapper that works with I-War?
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    WC3/4 editing question

    Is there a way to view/edit the ingame stats of WC3 and 4 fighters, and if so, how is it doable?
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    A flare to brighten up your day.

    Or a lensflare, at least. :p Since I had nothing better to do, I thought I'd implement lensflares into WC Saga. They give a nice cinematic feel and for some reason makes space feel vaster and larger. But what's a WCSaga thread without screenshots? Here we go:
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    New War of the Worlds movie

    There a new War of The Worlds movie in the making. Seems to be rahter old news, but I heard about it only recently. Does anyone know specifics about it? Will it take place in a late 19th century Britain like in the novel, I would love that. The mix of Victorian britsh and Sci-Fi would be...
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    Venture class EW-corvette

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the .....<drumroll>....Venture class EW corvette! This ship class will be actually very important in WC Saga. This design is based on the description in the novel False Colors where it is stated that the Confederation uses modified corvettes as electronic...
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    C-36 Alpha Type shuttle

    Here's WCSaga's new and improved shuttle model!
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    Razor starfighter

    Allright people, here's something new: Credits for this pretty ship go to gevatter Lars(model) and Lynx(minor model adjustments and texturing).
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    WTF is that?

    I found that picture on the WC Revival site. There, it says it's a transport from WC Armada. But I cannot remeber seeing it in Armada(though it's very long since I actually played that game). Is there any additional information available, or is the model somewhere up for download? I'd like to...
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    McAuliffe era battleship class design WIP

    With all these threads popping up about McAuliffe and Action Stations, I've decided to do something myself to fuel the fire. ;) Here's what I'd imagine a 'battlewagon' class ship could look like: The design is based very much on the WC movie style's 'naval ships in space look', but I've tried...
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    Arrow class Reloaded

    Our Arrow model which was seen on some earlier screenshots had some serious smoothing issiues and other errors and ass-ugly textures so we decided it's time to turn our attention to that model. Now it's fixed. :) For those who don't know the Arrow:
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    Hellcat class medium fighter

    Today it's up to me to unveil our newest addition to our growing collection of fighters, my eternal favourite Hellcat V! Model is by gevatter Lars, model fixes and texturing by me, Lynx.
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    What dicator are you?

    Click, Infidel! I'm *drumroll*
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    Slowdown utility and sound question

    It's really sad: I can't play all my old games properly on my current machine. Without slowdown utilities, they run too fast and with slowdown tools active they run either still to fast but with jerky hickups or too slow. Is it actually possible to run old games on newer PC's anymore? And...
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    which game(beside WC) would you like to have a sequel?

    Which game or game series (leaving out WC :p ) would you like to have a(another) sequel? I personally would like to see System Shock 3, for example.
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    WCA title music request the music of WCA available to download somewhere?
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    Question on BW Avenger

    I need information on the position of the Avengers guns and missile hardpoints, perhaps with a picture? Can anyone here give me that kind of info please? I haven't istalled WC4 right now and don't have the time to play through up to the point where I get that craft anyway.
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    Console ports-what do you think?

    Recently I browsed the Deus Ex: Invisible War forums and there were pretty bad reviews from some of the persons there. I haven't downloaded the demo yet, since I'm approaching my limit(damn I should spend those few bucks for a 3GB limit!) so I can't really judge on it. While it seems to be...