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    What are Standoff's minimum system requirements?

    Or more to the point.... will it run on my netbook? (Intel Atom 1.66Mhz, Integrated graphics card (GMA 500?) and 1 GB memory) IIRC it should be enough for the original prophecy, but what about all the extras you put in?
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    A personal off-topic

    Hi guys! I wanted to share with you something personal. In my profile I've stated that I'm a CPA Intern - well, today I've passed my last obstacle - Today I've past my finale Bar exam - I finally got the grad after more then two and a half months of tense waiting! Now I'll finally have...
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    So, Who is the traitor?

    In the novel Action Stations, someone in the Kilrathi hierarchy transfers the official kilrathi order of war to Turner, Tolwyn and Richards aboard Gar emporium. So the big question is - Who is the traitor? I think I remember a few mentions in FA hinting that Jukaga's father was a traitor -...
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    Rapier Gripes

    Yes! you are reading correctly! I do mean the F-44 Rapier II aka Uber-Fighter. While everybody are griping about the Toilet-paper-hulled ship, the Centurian mud pig and the not-so-hellish Hellcat, I felt the need to gripe about everyone's favorite. Oh, don't get me wrong, I do like the...
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    Action Stations and Space Points

    Well, I have recently finished Action Stations and had few questions: 1. Banbridge - In 2634 he is the chief of staff for the fleet, but by End Run he is just another fleet commanding admiral - how come? was he demoted? 2. Kruger - at the end he crushes his frigate on Fewcett's world -...
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    A small question for all you music video makers

    I'm looking for a small freeware application which can rip audio off an RMVB video file to an MP3 file (about a min' of audio). Amy one know such an application?
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    A good laugh

    This is the trailer for the latest video-game-based-film to hit the market. A nice idea, even have a tiny reference to Wing Commander (right at the beginning, along with Mario Bros., street fighter, mortal combat, and other games)
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    Star*Soldier Errata

    As appears, the exciting new Arena manual contains a few mistakes and misprints here and there. So, I wanted to suggest that we, The fans, help EA and Arena creators fix the manual... (that is if it's not too late alredy) Page 5: "Mass: The physical tonnage of each fighter and bomber...
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    Battlestar Glactica the remake - not good for everyone?

    Hey guy. I stumbled across this somewhere on the net - Looks like the new Battlestar Galactica show was not good for everyone...
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    I've seen the newest news piece - about the WCSaga Ferret - And have two questions: 1. I've seen it mentioned, several times, that Ferrets flew off the Iason during the Iason Incident - where is it mentioned, and what happened there? 2. The news piece mention the Ferrets flew of the Iason in...
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    WC4 Jane's spacecraft...

    Doe's WC4 have a Jane's-spacecraft-style fighter and ship "catalog" like all other WC games? (IIRC all WC games have some form of it - except maybe Priv2 - I'm not sure about WC4)
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    Me and my wife are going on a small trip (4 days) to Berlin, So any tips or attractions anyone can give me about the City, would be highly appreciated. Thanx :)
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    Fleet Tactics website

    I don't know if this thread should go here or under the "Wing Commander Saga" - What happened to the Fleet Tactics website? when ever I try to view it I get the "403 Forbidden" error message.
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    an unofficail Broadsword variant?

    Well..., not exactly. I was cruising through Scifi-meshs, look for some blue-prints for future models when I stumble across the attached picture. It's supposed to be a blue print of the C-131 Broadsword, but it's not exactly 100% match to the movie. for his defense, the guy did wrote...
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    General background questions

    I have a few background questions on the world of wing commader circa 2654-56: 1) which carrier classes are in active service? I recall a certein list listing aside from the Ranger-class, Concordia-class and Bengal class, a small number (3?) of old, pre-war class of carriers. 2) what is...
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    Well, you guys probably know this, but...

    I was cruising through the IMDB when I just accidently discovered that Mark Hamil, Chris Blair for WC games III IV and V was uncredited for his role in the.... Wing Commander Movie, where he voice Merlin - Blairs fighter computer: Wing commander full credits on IMDB (There he is, on the...
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    Sim question

    I the screenshots you've posted on the site it appeared that the Mace missile was as powerfull as it's original WC2 specs. (meaning - blast a ship with a single hit, and with a big BANG). In the sim however, the mace is just like a dumb-fire torp...?
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    Hobbes funeral

    I stumbled across an mp3 file of Hobbs' funarel. When was he suppose to die?
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    New WIP

    I'm working on my next 3d model, but with symester final exams coming up, I'll need to give it a little rest ( :( ). So on a concentrated effort I did a few show-off pics, just to sign off for the next two month ( :( :( :( ) You all seen my Ferrets, so I just ajusted the size of their...
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    A question for the techheads - The Banshee

    And By Banshee I mean the WC-Armada Confed Heavy-Fighter-Bomber Banshee : (Edit: and not the kilrathi looking, UBW, "look, I'm almost a Jalthi, only need neutrons", Light-Fighter Banshee) 1. What do we know about it, aside from the obvious, stated in the Armada manual. 2. Is it really 43...