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    3d Studio Max 5

    If anyone is using 3D STUDIO MAX 5, please I'm needing the file maxsave.dll installed on root 3dmax path. Please send me the file to Thanks TanGO
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    NVIDIA Geforce 4400 last driver fail

    Yesterday I downloaded the last NVIDIA drivers to XP Seemly windows looks fine, it has a lot drivers templates to all known games but WCSO is not there. The problem is WCSO shows pixelated beackgrounds textures like if the antialiased is failing. My video card is NVIDIA GeForce 4400...
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    Red Point needs people

    Red Point need people to fix english chapters lines. My natural language is spanish, I have written 8 chapters in english languahe, obviously with lots of grammar errors, 5 of they need be fixed previous to record voiceovers. Those are the history lines, in fly speechs and briefing lines. If...
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    RED POINT web site update More than a update (previouslly only was one page), I begin the work in the web site, I added a menu and some sections, including screenshots published on various thread here. Two months ago Join me to staff Daniel Brito and later...
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    Need a Wraith CockPit

    If somebody can run armada, please I need a Wraith cockpit SCREENSHOT. I'm doing this cockpit to SO engine. Thanks TanGO
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    RED POINT mod project is open

    Good news to WC games fans. RED POINT project is officially open. You can read about the project on a spanish page clicking here, or a bad altavista english traslation clicking here. Obviouslly I'll need help on some game points, specially when I need record voices and artwork. Artwork...
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    TEXTCONV problem

    Trying save 16-bit mat file with textconv.exe swap channels green and blue. Somebody can help me? Thanks
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    Searching Kilrathi Models

    Searching Kilrathi 3D Models Somebody has some 3D model of a Kilrathi Capship INSIDE? I'm searching this to do the rom file to SO. No matter how many polys, this is to a background render and little animations of some parts. Thanks! TanGO
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    Finally Perry has a deck

    RED POINT mod will begin from Perry... I did a SO model to run the first episode click here to view it. I needed a room file to start missions from there. Well, based on the original and changing some proportions and textures (but not the spirit) here I post my Perry model that I'll use on RED...
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    Some ships Sizes

    Somebody has information on the size of this ships: Drayman Caernaven Paradigm I was searching on ships database but I didn't find its sizes. Thanks!
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    Perry claim a deck

    First, I wish to thank to Quarto by your excellent tutorial to construct a .rom file to SO engine. I simply followed the instructions from him and now I can construct a rom file without additional questions :) Well, now that I did a build of Perry to SO engine, that need a deck, translating...
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    WC Universe Communications

    Hi, maybe somebody can response a few technical questions about WC Univerese communications. Here they go: 1. Only comm possibles are video/radio and text/email? 2. What range have a "long range comm", "short range comm" and "capship range comm? 3. Wich comm types can do it between one...
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    Help with Turrets

    I need to put some slanted turrets on a model conversion to SO engine. I'm using turrets.exe and I'll reach until put a 90 degree angle fine. The problem is when I try slanted rather than a 90 degrees. When I modify the parameters to slant it the turret also is "as twisted" then it seem can...
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    Real Stealth Black Panther

    I finished a textures changes on Black Panther, now that seem really a stealth black panther ;) . Also I finished a SO engine model to Perry Naval Base. Here a screenshot:
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    Confederation Structure

    I need of expert mans that know all WC fiction history and can respone a few questions about fiction. To a new mode dated on 2685 I need the last registers about confed structure and some opinions. All questions are 2681 year based: 1. Who is the Gemini sector Governor? 2. Could the...
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    Model Conversion

    Here some questions about Model conversion to SO engine. In first place I have a trouble when I traslate the model to .peo file. Although I do the rotation from 3d studio max, and although I can view the model rightly in "position" from 3D exploration, the peoview.exe ever read the model in...
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    how much it's worth a Capship?

    I'm coding Missions to STANDOFF simulator. Maybe I could patch the mission score to do a little bit better the recognition of Capships deaths, or maybe too a ship recognition to assign different values at its deaths. But... how much it's worth a Capship? Tables representantions are...
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    Simulator Patch

    Somebody have SO simulator patch TECHNICAL notes? I need to do some modifications on the function that save the score simulator missions. Thanks!
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    Perry Naval Base

    Somebody have a Perry Naval Base model to do a SO mission?
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    Cockpits and Mats questions

    Hi, I have learned all the references to cockpits implementations from the tutorial. I have some questions about that... A single: I take the cockpit definition of the desvastator (this is a example), I do changes on it, singles changes how radar position in RADA chunk but the game don't is...