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    Wing Commaner IV PSX on PS2

    Hey all, I was just wondering, those of you who have popped your WC:IV Playstation discs into your PS2's, is there a noticable quality difference? If so, is it a good change (some games, e.g. Silent Hill, look pretty bad with texture glitches produced by the texture filtering and sound messed...
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    Female Kilrathi Names

    Hello, all. Just chattin. A friend of mine got a new kitten, and wants to name her after a Kilrathi (the kitten was Rhalga until my friend was told the kitten was female...). Any of you guys know any female Kilrathi names? This one is directed more towards LOAF. I figure he'll know. Later, all...
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    Yamaha sound card not working in DOS

    Hello, all. Grim returns with sad news: my 486 has been slain by my brother's evil hand. This means I no longer can play the games I so love. Unless..... ...unless I can get them to work on my P3-450! Wooohooo! There is hope. However, I have attempted this before, to the sound of silence...
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    Hail to the chief.

    Ladies and gentlemen, hail to the chief! The 43rd president of the United States of America has been sworn in. President Bush, Mr. Strategory, now must live up to the previous presidents (especially Clinton). I must know, though.... how much of a laughing stock are we to the world, anyway...
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    Happy Birthday!! :D

    I'm back. Yeah! Two years! I'd like to offer my personal thanks to the CIC staff for making these years possible for us to enjoy. Btw, good to see you again, Byydo! I hope you'll come by #Wingnut more often, it's always a pleasure to speak with you. I'll be floating around the CIC...
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    1) Hello, all! 2) WC Movie

    1) Wassup! I haven't been around here in a while... too much Starcraft and Starlancer... 2) A few of my friends and I went to see Titan A.E. It turned out to be better than I anticipated. On the way back to my car, one of my friends suggested something interesting, or at least entertaining...
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    This is why Origin sucks.

    Hello, all. Grimloc here, back from his week-long trip to Orlando and Tampa (I'm finishing up False Colors as we speak). I got back on my computer just now to check up on my good friends at the CIC, and the first thing I read is "The End." I realize now that HCl was correct. My friends, what...
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    Screw Win2k... (n/t)

    ... ------------------ "We're going to the same freakin' jail cell anyway."
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    Wing Commander Homeworld TC... :D

    Who didn't see it coming? I now own Homeworld, and I will give as much help I can in making the mod. I was thinking how awesome to have a Confed Super-(or Mega-, or Almighty-)"Vessel" (Behemoth-like?), escorted by three Class Carriers, with a plethora of Fleet Escort Cruisers and Destroyers...
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    Kickin'! They used our ideas!!!

    Alright! Someone listened to that real old post where we discussed what had happened to Blair. I noticed the Lost Universe storyline was extremely close to some of our ideas! Hats off to these awesome guys for doing something the others would not do: use the ideas of the ones who will play the...
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    Does Origin listen to us?

    If they do listen (they're listening... always listening! D8) to the Chat Zone, then shouldn't we start making some noise?! I mean, c'mon! We're the ones that'll be buying POL, let's make it worth our money! ------------------ "We're going to the same freakin' jail cell anyway."
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    At last! At long last I finally have had the opportunity to play Wing Commander IV on my PC! I am very impressed with it. I owe this experience to one of my very good friends (Side-Note: to all who frequented #wingnut that night when I came in and told everyone about an insane guy who, for that...
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    MS Sidewinder Pro DOS support

    Does anyone know if Microsoft's recent line of joysticks has any DOS support at all? My PC Raider is giving my hand cramps and Privateer is addictive, if you get the idea... ------------------ Heck, when you think of a better signature, tell me.
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    Ok. I once saw a link on the Links page titled WC4 Music. Any news on that site? While I'm here, anyone have a midi for Metallica's No Leaf Clover? ------------------ Heck, when you think of a better signature, tell me.
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    Buying the galaxy...

    How much money is recommended for buying a new ship in Privateer? If this is of any importance I have maxed out my Tarsus' loadout. Last time I upgraded I had 2 credits after the purchase of a Galaxy. One shot got me!! D8 ------------------ Heck, when you think of a better signature, tell me.
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    Gap in the Chain of Command...

    So... there are cadets, and there are admirals... right..... ------------------ Heck, when you think of a better signature, tell me.