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    5 Second Videos

    I don't know if anyone else stumbled acrossed these but I was surfing last night and was laughing my ass off at some of these vids on U tube. Most of the funny ones are done by the guy with glasses but one of my favorites is the one with the predator done by one of the many copycats that have...
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    Hard Copy?

    Sorry to make a new thread its been pretty intense the last few days around here. I usually read every new post but lately I just havn't been able to keep up with you all. Anyways on to the point Im asking is EA going to release a dvd case or put it into a arcade series release. I most...
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    Star Trek vs Star Wars?

    So so Sorry but this made me grin I figured I should share it since I stumbled upon it. I think it could use some wing commander clips in there:D .
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    Cockpits or no Cockpits

    Ive been talking about these cockpits in the saga thread and I seen some talking in the pioneer thread about them and was just curious about what people like about them and if they think that they should stay in certain mods or not. Personally I feel they do add a sense of realism in having...