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    Wing Commander IV - The Price of Freedom - In-depth Review and Journey

    Wing Commander IV – The Price Of Freedom – In-depth Review And Journey 1996, MS-DOS A very passionate video review of Wing Commander IV is on my YouTube if you'd like to see it in action. * Scroll down about 4 paragraphs for the actual review, this is a little background information on the...
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    Amiga WC thoughts + Amiga World Review

    Hey everyone. I'm in the middle of finishing up quite an in-depth review for Wing Commander on the Amiga, and I always love throwing in contemporary reviews at the time. Being someone who first experienced Wing Commander on the Amiga, I gotta say I adore it on the machine, and fell in love just...
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    The MT-32 VS The Amiga

    This is a topic caused by a general frustration over "tiny" comments I sometimes see in various places on the internet when discussing Wing Commander's music. Despite the Amiga's version of the Wing Commander music being generally praised I have often seen a simple light hearted and good comment...
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    Possible To Love Just One Wing Commander?

    I can’t say I expect too many fans of Wing Commander to quite understand the story I’m about to tell. It’s the fact that I couldn't quite grasp the integrity of the opinion as not only a Wing Commander fan, but taking that aside, I couldn’t understand it as just a fan of games, which is what...