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  1. Ghost

    Star Wars: Squadrons - WC people playing it?

    Hi All, So anyone here is playing Star Wars: Squadrons ? It is a fun and ok-eyish game with a lot of things pending of fixing. IF anyone one to add me, Steam ID: Maarek Stele.
  2. Ghost

    Wing Commander Movie in Kotaku. The guy has some good points, i not agere with the full review but is a valid one.
  3. Ghost

    Where are they?

    Inspired after reading the Saga voice thread... Anyone has news about Psych, TC, WildFire, Wildweasel,etc?
  4. Ghost

    Higher than 800x600

    Altough it looks good, i want to know if there is a way to rise the resolution. Thanks
  5. Ghost

    About EA and WC games...

    ..You know, somebody must stick a thread explaining that WC3,4, Priv and P2 were created thanks to EA. Every year some new poster comes and complaints about that :D The shit hit the fan and someone is banned.
  6. Ghost

    A Happy Wing Commander-ish time!

    After some years...i was reunited with the WC universe... Started ''Fleet Action'' again, that gave me the nice old WCish feeling, so after a few days and not few technical problems i managed to setup WC1 (SM1-2), WC2 (SO1-2), WC3 and WC4DVD to run smoothly. Believe that have many,many hours...
  7. Ghost

    Need WC (DOS) .CFG

    Yeah, i need that Cfg, WC refuses to install (it ask to insert disk in A:) so i need the cfg to play with music Thanks
  8. Ghost

    Problem with USB stick in Priv (DOSBOX)

    I followed the instructions in the section of tech support of It works flawlessly, the exception is the joystick, it isn't recognized by the game. I have a Saitek ST90. Do i have to add some line to dosbox? Thanks.
  9. Ghost

    How do you ''play'' Privateer - RF?

    Well, i always do the same thing, collect enough money (usually Helen-New Detroit Cargo runs) to jumo from Tarsus to Centurion, buy 4 Tachyons, 2 missiles launcher and the best radar (the Omni one?), then the main story missions, after finishing Priv some more mission to buy the new RF things...
  10. Ghost

    New to PGG

    Heya folks, some Qs from a n00b of this game. I want to replay original Priv, but in my machine it doesn't work; is PGG the same as the original with better graphics? Max resolution? Any important bugs, that prevents me to have an excellent Priv experience? Thanks
  11. Ghost

    Welcome Duncan Alex!!

    Welcome Duncan Alex Bortman!! Heyas!! There is a new WC fan in the town, weighting 3,3Kg, 51cm length. And some pics.
  12. Ghost

    Moskau This made my day better. Moskau Moskau ho ho ho ho ho
  13. Ghost

    Hussein got caught with his pants down

    pwned. Yeah, i'm bored.
  14. Ghost

    WC ships in XvT pathetic mod

    Boy this is great, the wet dream of every fanboy! Searching the net for missions and things for my TIE Fighter game i found this! It's the shiplist of the ''Rim World Coalition'' I guess that the mod is OK for all those WCvsSW...
  15. Ghost

    Freezing while loading

    I don't know why, but when the splash screen shows that is loading ''thruster018.png'' it freezes. Any clue? No problem with the beta versions
  16. Ghost

    WC Meeting (Argentinian-Brazilian)

    Hey!! I took this pic in Brazil. From left to right: Delance,Edfilho and Ghost
  17. Ghost

    infinite money exploit

    ''infinite money'' Place: New Detroit I have a Tarsus and enough money to buy a Galaxy, sold all the Tarsus spare parts, wanted to sell the Tarsus but i can't do it so i bought the Galaxy (stock), MY FLEET apears in the ships vendor. I tried to sell the Tarsus for 0,00 Credits, don't...
  18. Ghost

    WCU Map

    Any plan to put the WCU map, so you have the whole universe instead Gemini only?
  19. Ghost

    Buyable Ships

    Besides the Tarsus, Orion, Galaxy and Centurion, can you buy other ships? which ones?