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  1. BrynS

    London Film & Comic Con 2017 - Tom Wilson & John Rhys-Davies

    Hey lads, long time no post! I still follow the site though but have cut back my forum use across a bunch of communities in recent years due to work. Hopefully I'll be a bit more active here again soon. Just wanted to let know that if you are in the UK and able to get down to London this...
  2. BrynS

    EA CEO on Westwood, Bullfrog and Origin purchases: we "blew it"

    Just caught this on Firingsquad; the original Wired article is here. Anyway, I think it's interesting that EA have fronted up to this now and together with the way Riccitiello was reported to have championed the Bioware purchase against some internal EA resistance seems to point to a...
  3. BrynS

    Star Trek XI Teaser

    I believe this has been floating on the internet tubes in low res for a couple of days, but it's now up on the official site in HD. Try clicking the blinking red dot. ;)
  4. BrynS

    What's happening, Barbara?

    Point your XCU-50 Optical DataZig Console here for the latest burst of info: TNC INFOBURST 2669.251 [Click: Download Now!] 96MB 9m:52s XviD/DivX It's now on YouTube too, but I'd advise grabbing the download above as most of the titles and references are difficult to make out on the smaller...
  5. BrynS

    DragonCon 2007

    So, how was it? You guys mentioned the New York mission (to Gaia) in the news posts, as well as a visit to Baen Books and setting up in the lobby of a hotel to promote Wing Commander during DC. Hope the latter two went well and you were able to catch up with some other Wingnuts! After...
  6. BrynS

    PC Live Arcade due early November 2007

    And it's dubbed internally at Microsoft as "Vega" -- a sign of things to come on the Arena front? ;) Joystiq have the news: Cheers, Bryn
  7. BrynS

    Conflict of interest?

    While scanning through my usual round of tech and gaming websites this evening I came across this seemingly odd remark in an article titled, "What's Killing Game Development" from the usually quite authoritative Jakub at Firingsquad (emphasis added): Not wanting to dredge up any buried...
  8. BrynS

    Countdown to Launch!

    Howdy all, In anticipation of what looks to be a fairly imminent launch -- hopefully by the end of July 2007 at the latest -- I've put together a little trailer to celebrate the return of Wing Commander to the wider gaming public in a big way, when it will launch on XBLA shortly, and also to...
  9. BrynS

    XBLA game size limit tripled to 150MB!

    DailyTech is reporting that Microsoft have increased the game size limit for XBLA games from 50MB to 150MB: What are the likely implications for Arena? Was Gaia Industries anticipating a bigger limit and designing Arena around that or if not, will they be able to exploit the additional...
  10. BrynS

    C&C3 Demo Released!

    EDIT: That should be "C&C3 Demo Released!" for the subject line. :o The demo includes one tutorial mission, two single-player missions featuring live action video sequences, one skirmish map with three different difficulty settings, and one trailer featuring Tricia Helfer, Grace Park...
  11. BrynS

    Kane returns in C&C3

    You just can't keep a good megalomaniac down! :D EA have updated their C&C3 page and recently released the first gameplay trailer and NOD screenshots, which can viewed at the site or downloaded here: HD 720p WMV - 61.6MB SD WMV - 20.5MB Cheers, Bryn
  12. BrynS

    Stargate SG-1 Cancelled!

    Or more specifically, the Sci-Fi channel has announced that it does not intend to renew the series for another season; Stargate Atlantis has been picked up for a fourth season. GateWorld has the full scoop and thoughts on the show's future. GateWorld has also spoken to the shows Executive...
  13. BrynS

    EA Licence Unreal Engine 3

    EA Press Release (PDF file): First thought that popped into my head... a Wing Commander FPS! :cool: Okay, I know that it's very unlikely, but I remain ever the (delusional) optimist that an FPS set in the Wing Commander universe will be developed at...
  14. BrynS

    Games that need sequels

    Following on from a recent article on first person shooter games deserving of sequels, Firingsquad have published a similar feature looking at other games that they feel deserve sequels, and Wing Commander gets a mention. :) From the More Games That Need Sequels feature: Cheers, Bryn
  15. BrynS

    See the stars from Spaceport America

    Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo sub-orbital spacecraft, due to begin operating commercial flights in 2008, will be based at a permanent launch base in New Mexico from 2010 called Spaceport America, according to this article. I like the name, very Justice League. :D How cool would it be to...
  16. BrynS

    Searching for "lost" fan animations

    Howdy all, Basically, I was reminded of two promising fan animations from 1999 in a thread here a few months ago and am hoping that a Wingnut out there still has the original files on their PC, as the hosts/links for these files are either broken or no longer exist, and is able to restore...
  17. BrynS

    J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Trek XI'

    Just read this at TrekToday -- the original Variety article is here. One contributer at another site described this as the "Best. Trek. News. Ever." -- I wouldn't go that far, but it seems a lot more promising than the other prequel script mentioned on AICN a few times, which evidently...
  18. BrynS

    C&C 3 Announced

    Fansite PlanetC&C reports that the latest PC Gamer issue (June 2006) has the scoop on the next game in the Command & Conquer franchise from EA, currently titled C&C3. If the developers can capture the original's simple charm and/or the pulpy thrill of the first Red Alert with a next-gen...
  19. BrynS

    Richard Garriott to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

    Hot on the heels of the Spacetime Studios publishing deal, Richard Garriott is in the news again -- he is due to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 6th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards on March 22, 2006 -- well done, sir! The rest of the press release can be viewed here...
  20. BrynS

    Star Wars Empire at War demo released

    The hefty demo (741MB) was released yesterday. So far, reactions seem mixed. I'm still downloading the torrent and will post my thoughts after playing it through. Download links: 3DGamers (inlcudes Torrent) FileFront GameSpot (requires registration) FileShack (requires...