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  1. Chaosbringer

    Hawk in WCP

    I'm sorry for this old thing, maybe it's been discussed before, if so, i apologize, but i've been thinking about Hawk in WCP, and what happens after they find the kilrathi. I never liked the way he was killed off in the game. I think the character deserved better. What do you think? I'm talking...
  2. Chaosbringer

    WCKS full screen problems

    Hi! I've been out of talking for too long, but i've been here as a lurker for all this time anyway :). I have a new computer, with Windows 7, and a video card Intel HD 4600, with a recently updated driver. The thing is, i just installed KS because i have some free time (finally!) and i find...
  3. Chaosbringer

    Privateer voices

    Maybe this is an old question, but does anybody have information about the people that voiced "Privateer"? I recently re-installed it and played it with dosbox, and i just realized that Burrows's voice makes much resemblance with the actor who plays "Saul Goodman" in "Breaking Bad", but i didn't...
  4. Chaosbringer

    An old box i found

    Hello, everyone. I was just organizing some things and i found this, that i had forgotten because of Kilrathi Saga. This is the box of the first Special Operations package i bought, and in the bottom of the box says "IBM PC 5,25". It brings me good memories, and i believe i might still have the...
  5. Chaosbringer

    Episode 4 hangs

    Hello there, and i'm sorry if this was answered before. I downloaded episode 4 and when i start the first mission, i press the autopilot and the games hangs (stops). It didn't happen on the first three episodes. Thanks in advance for your answer.
  6. Chaosbringer

    Space:Above and Beyond

    Hello, i don't know if this series have been discussed before. When it first aired in my country (In Fox Channel) i started to watch it right away, and then it was cancelled real soon. Was it cancelled for lack of audience or was it something else? Anyway, i really liked the planes (they were...