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  1. Blaster

    Dallas does it for the cash?

    It always sounded strange to me when Zero said that Dallas was in Confed for money. People don't usually join the military if they're trying to get rich, except maybe if the country is very corrupt. So I was wondering if their is any information on how much fighter pilots get paid in the...
  2. Blaster

    Privateers in Confed

    I've been thinking about Privateers in the Terran-Kilrathi war and how they were organized and operated. Unfortunately I can't remember any mention of them anywhere except the game Privateer, and i think only the player character gets called that. Since the game is so free-form it doesn't give...
  3. Blaster

    Forgotten Babylon 5?

    Someone I know recently watched Babylon 5 for the first time since it originally aired and they told me that they didn't remember the show being so good. This surprised me because I know they enjoyed it a lot the first time they saw it. So it made me think, sometimes things are really cool to...
  4. Blaster

    LOAF is in IMDb

    I just found out LOAF has an IMDb page. The only thing it mentions is his work on Around the Verse.
  5. Blaster

    LOAF interview

    An interview with LOAF just got posted at the RSI website.
  6. Blaster

    Wing Commander VOD

    The Wing Commander movie showed up in HBO’s Video On Demand section on DirecTV. I wasn’t able to find any mention of it on their website but it definitely was the right movie. If anyone gets HBO VOD from their satellite or cable provider I suggest checking to see if it’s there.
  7. Blaster

    Planet Queeg

    It the last issue (#9) of Cassandra’s Tears cal lands on a planet named Queeg. There were also two systems named Hadrian and Hades earlier. I was wondering if anyone noticed anything else with the same name as people at the CIC.
  8. Blaster

    Why we’re all here.

    I just replayed WC1 for the first time in quite a while. Often nostalgia makes things seem better than they were and you’re disappointed when you experience them again. That isn’t the case with Wing Commander, it’s just as awesome as I remember. It’s not just a great game for its time it’s still...
  9. Blaster

    Moonbase Alpha

    Has anyone else played the new game NASA made? It’s very short but I thought it was fun.
  10. Blaster

    Delicious Kilrathi?

    I was thinking about farmer Mack’s comment that the tigerlion he killed turned out to be “quite delicious”. Since the Kilrathi are intelligent the idea of eating them seems kind of like cannibalism but Mack didn’t eat a human which means he isn’t really a cannibal. So, I’ve been wondering, is...
  11. Blaster

    Is this how Hobbes wrote his name?

    I decided to make something using the Kilrathi letters from the Standoff Easter egg. The first thing I noticed is that they look like they would be very awkward to write by hand. Trying to make those shapes is more like drawing than writing. Maybe they’re easier for Kilrathi hands or maybe they...
  12. Blaster

    virus programs

    Are there any good, free anti-virus programs or do I have to spend money to get decent protection for my computer? I know there are a lot of free programs out there but how do they compare to the others?
  13. Blaster

    Space Stations

    Is there anything that gives a good idea of how many people in the Confederation live in space stations? Paladin is the only one I can remember who was said to have grown up on one of them, everyone else seem to come from a planet. Privateer, however, makes it look like living in space is...
  14. Blaster

    Five and a half gigabytes??

    I was uninstalling a program using the Add or Remove Programs tool and I noticed that the list says Standoff takes up about 5,600 Megabytes. I checked the game files and my entire Secret Ops folder takes up less than one gigabyte. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Standoff to see what...
  15. Blaster

    Kilrathi language

    Something just occurred to me. I've always heard people talk about *the* Kilrathi language as if there was only one. Do all Kilrathi really speak the same language or is the one we know about just the most common one, or the one used to speak to other species maybe. I can imagine each clan...
  16. Blaster

    Something Different

    I wanted to do a WC project that was completely different than anything I'd seen before. Well, I once took a class in calligraphy, to fill an art requirement, and I can't remember seeing any projects involving that so I decided it was different enough. I'm definitely out of practice but my...
  17. Blaster

    Next Episode

    I've heard people say a few times that the Standoff team works faster when people pester them. So consider yourselves pestered.
  18. Blaster


    I’ve decided to start a thread about battlecruisers mainly because I find them very interesting. Before reading Star*Soldier I thought that the biggest advantage capital ships had over fights were their strong shields, I was very surprised to find out that both the confederation and the...
  19. Blaster

    Favorite Cockpit

    I was thinking about all the different cockpits we’ve seen in the wing commander games and tried to figure out which one I liked the best. The problem is that there are so many good ones I just can’t decide, so I thought I would ask everyone else which cockpit they liked the best and why.
  20. Blaster

    Hornet Fans

    Ok everyone, tell us why you love the Hornet from wc1. I actually thought it was the worst confed fighter in the game. The Hornet’s speed and maneuverability didn’t seem to make up for its lack of shields, armor and fire power, but I’m sure it will always seem special to me because it was the...