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  1. Aeronautico

    WC4 on

    Hello, pilots. Been meaning to address something that's really been hanging over my mind lately. I know we're all aware that now allows us to download Wing Commanders I, II, and III as of last year. I was thrilled with this news and was able to purchase Wing Commander III, which has...
  2. Aeronautico

    WCPedia: Kilrah Image Hunt

    I've been meaning to add an image of the planet Kilrah to its WCPedia entry but there are few available, outside of its climactic destruction in WC3. If anyone can provide a shot of Kilrah at its full scope in like in the WC3 prologue, it would be a huge help. I also need to track down an...
  3. Aeronautico

    Eugene Wilford or Daniel Wilford?

    This has confused me for a while, so I thought I should get this cleared up. In Wing Commander IV, Vice Admiral Wilford's first name was given as "Eugene", but when he becomes Captain of the Midway in Prophecy, his name seems to have been changed to "Daniel". Seems to be the same individual, and...
  4. Aeronautico


    I've updated/written a number of articles on the WCPedia, but they are very incomplete because of a lack of ship statistics and general histories. These are the ships in question: Durango-Class Heavy Destroyer/Carrier Caernaven-Class Frigate Bearcat "Dragon/Lance" (What became of them?)...
  5. Aeronautico

    History on the Confederation-Class Dreadnought?

    Okay, I've only just realized that we don't have an article of the Confederation-Class Dreadnought, which is the class of ship the famed TCS Concordia was. I'm considering writing up an entry on this, but the class's history is questionable from what few sources I have. Does anybody know how...
  6. Aeronautico

    WCPedia: New Ships Pages

    Okay, I've recently been creating new sets of starfighter articles for the WCPedia, trying to get some new pages in the count. However, I need help to upgrade the quality of these articles. If any Wingnuts out there have more up-to-date sources on ship specifications, weapons loadouts...
  7. Aeronautico

    Doc Severin's Actor

    I know this isn't really essential to know, but does anyone have any indication as to who portrayed Doc Severin in WC3 (The guy Vagabond popped off)? Dude only appears for like a minute and didn't say a damn. I was just wondering if anybody knew who the actor was, obviously he went uncredited...
  8. Aeronautico

    WC Encyclopedia Templates

    I think we need to create some templates for pages regarding WC factions or even species in order to improve the quality of the articles. If we agree to do this, I will need some help, since I don't know the first thing about creating templates.
  9. Aeronautico

    Do they still use cars in WC?

    Okay, this is totally random and possibly even irrelevant, but I have to know: Are people still using cars in the WC universe? Are there cars on any of the colonies anymore? Has there ever been an explicit mention of cars still being used? This is just a question I had to know out of curiosity.
  10. Aeronautico

    Concordia-Class Fleet Carriers

    I'd like to know what we know about the Concordia-Class Fleet Carriers. Do we have a history of the class prior to its appearances in WC4? I think the Concordia has been serving long beforehand, but I don't know if that's accurate. I just know they were visually similar to Yorktowns, but a lot...
  11. Aeronautico

    Which planet?

    The Goddard system is confirmed to have had two populated planets, Goddard I and Goddard II. Which one was destroyed in 2654? Also, do we know anything of the second colony?
  12. Aeronautico

    How many Bengals?

    Curious: How many Bengals were there? There was: Kyoto Tiger's Claw Eagle's Talon How many and what names?
  13. Aeronautico

    Hvar'kann-Class Dreadnought

    What do we know about the Hvar'kann, that warship that Thrakhath flies in WC3, other than the fact that it is one of the largest warships in appear in Wing Commander?
  14. Aeronautico

    Paulsen or Paulson?

    We all know Hugh Paulsen/Paulson from WC4, the psychotic captain of the Lexington who replaced Eisen. How do you properly spell his name: "Paulsen" or "Paulson"? I want to settle that minor discrepancy for good.
  15. Aeronautico

    Blair a Border Worlder?

    I was Blair a Border Worlds citizen? According to the CIC universe maps, his home system, Nephele, is a Border Worlds territory. I do not know if this is true due to some of the discrepancies in the CIC, and I wish to know which systems are confirmed to be aligned to the Border...
  16. Aeronautico

    Border Worlds Conflict

    How long did the Border Worlds Conflict last? I know it reached its climax in 2673 and ultimately its end, but didn't go on since 2670 or 2671? According to the CIC Encyclopedia, the Black Lance were wreaking havoc long before 2673. I don't know if this is true, considering I do not have the...
  17. Aeronautico

    Wing Commander 3- Mystery ships

    This one has bugged me for quite a while. In the very first FMV of WC3, when Thrakhath's huge dreadnought flies towards Kilrah, it is accompanied by at least two smaller vessels on either side. If you watch very carefully, a small Kilrathi transport flies alongside the dreadnought with white...
  18. Aeronautico

    The Durango

    I'm wondering if any specifications of backstory exist behind the Durango-Class Heavy Destroyer, the class that the famed BWS Intrepid was. There really isn't much info available on the ship to my knowledge. We know of the BWS Intrepid and the BWS Tango, both of which appeared in-game in WC4...
  19. Aeronautico

    Yorktown-Class Carriers

    So, guys, what do we know about the Yorktown-Class Light Carriers? We know they are very similar to WC4's Concordia, and were at a time called Rangers, but that has since been proven wrong, and that they are a pre-war design with light armor and a medium starfighter complement. But what else...
  20. Aeronautico

    The destruction of the Vesuvius

    Alright, we all know that in WC4, Blair destroyed the TCS Vesuvius when Tolwyn fled to Earth. That ship required 7,800 and carried 400 starfighters to operate. 7,800.......Does anyone think that the Vesuvius was operating at full capacity when Tolwyn took command of it? The ship was only...