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    WC II Playguide by TC?

    Playguide - by TC is missing from the downloads for Wing Commander II..does anyone have a copy they can share? thanks I am also looking for HCl's movie viewer if anyone has that or a linkey. Is there a password for the ftp server for files stored there? Secret Missions 1- WC1 Addon (903k)...
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    Loading Kilranthi Saga on XP SP 3 Pro

    I had to enable compatability to load up the first disk with I, II and III for K Saga..but..i am wondering what the other four disks are for? It said it installed I, II and III from just the first disk. Can anyone explain how it works? thanks IV would not install yet, i will try compat....but...
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    Can Someone Help with Game Chronology?

    Can someone please tell me what the correct time wise order the games should be played? I have collected almost all of the series and would like to play them in the correct chronological order? thank you very much.....
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    Installing with Joystick

    Hi and i am going to try out this excellent looking game. Lots of work went into this i can see. Do we need to set our Joystick settings manually or will the settings in the controls menu posted be the defaults automatically? I have a Logtec Extreme 3D Pro. Thanks.
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    WC Prophecy Error on Start

    Hi there I installed my copy of WC Prophecy on my XP sp2 AMD 3300 FX7600 and it ran ok but then i tired to put on the high res vids and the patch....and am getting a weird error and a non start, non launch. Can anyone give me any hints as to what this means? I put all the files in the...
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    Help Installing WC Prophecy from Hard Drive

    Help Installing WC Prophecy from Hard Drive I have a DVD drive that WC Prophecy wont recognize at the install, it keeps saying put the first disk in the drive when it is already IN the drive, It may be a problem caused by Starforce wtih the install of several games including X Universe 3...
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    Suggestions on Order of Play of WC Games?

    Hello out there, I have lurked here for a while as I was assembling my collection of WC games as I have wanted to be able to play through the series in somewhat of a proper order before I played any of them at all, and other duties earthside so to speak, or planet side, have delayed my work on...
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    Privateer 2 Delux install/Secret Ops Install questions

    I finally got new system up, AMD 3400, 300 GB Hdriv, 1.1 GB RAM, Geforce 6600, Audigy ZS2....anddddd Privateer 2 Deluxe....installer wont load the files, says not enough bytes available....????? when i have 275 GB free??????? Secret Ops wont start, get prompt saying: Game wont run...
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    What will play on Win XP PRO from WC and Mods

    Hello all, I am posting here in hopes that this is a general enough topic for putting here, but if it should go in the tech section or mod seciton please move, admins. I just am setting up a newer system after repeaded frustration with my previous Win 98 SE Pentium III which was just fast...
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    Wing Commander Compatibility...across the gaps

    Hi all, just joined and I have been visiting and really appreciate all the info and docs here on this site for WC...I am slowly working up to the modern era with space sims, and really like what I see of WC but have had a problem with the time gap with different systems, I have collected a lot...
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    Seeking Advice with Deluxe Privateer 2

    Hello and thanks for the great site and forum, a wonderful resource. I am slowly working through the WC series, and am now at Privateer 2 Deluxe, which I have the CD's for, and just tonight loaded for the first time. I did get the openning movies, etc. and into the story, BUT it keeps...