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  1. FredDude32

    Is it just me..

    ..or does the Nova Corps badge (Guardians of the Galaxy game) look like the Terran Confederation symbol? Not 100% identical obviously but enough for me not to be able to un-see it.
  2. FredDude32

    The game "Chorus", Freelancer & Descent mix

    Just a tip for anyone thats interested in a light arcade-y game: "Chorus" was released in Dec 2021 and it went (for me) unnoticed until now. It's definetly not a Wing Commander game but more visually beautiful Freelancer mixed with a bit of Descent (the first game, not the flight-sim). You get...
  3. FredDude32

    Is it just me or does actor Gregory Peck..

    ..look like Iceman? :)
  4. FredDude32

    Chris Roberts talks about his dream game in 1995

    Sorry of this has been posted before but I found this little Chris Roberts tidbit in Computer Gaming World May 1995 issue. Chris Roberts is asked "What kind of game would you create if there were no hardware or financial constraints on creativity?"
  5. FredDude32

    A WC2 preview from 1991 (Computer Games Strategy Plus)

    Thanks to and a rather slow day at home I found a preview for Wing Commander 2 and it's speech-pack in the December 1991 issue (nr.13) of "Computer Games Strategy Plus".
  6. FredDude32

    I tried the newly released Everspace 2 Demo

    I know some of you have also had your eyes on the game. for some time. I'm no reviewer so to make it brief: The game right now (in Alpha-stage) is a very VERY arcade-y game. It feels like Freelancer with powerups and floating combat text. Thats not necessarily a bad thing but for me it's not a...
  7. FredDude32

    Freespace 2 is free on GoG right now.

    FS2 is up for grabs!
  8. FredDude32

    I think I found an actor to play Tolwyn in a WC-prequel.

    Whaddaya think? He's a natural! No CGI there! :D This is of course the son of Malcom McDowell and Mary Steenburgen: Charlie McDowell (b.1983). In all seriousness he would have been perfect for the role..:) Or...If they make a WC-sequel he could play the son/grandson of Admiral Tolwy, now a...
  9. FredDude32

    A 1988 interview with Richard Garriott with a C. Roberts cameo

    Stumbled upon a four-page article featuring an interview with (mainly) Richard Garriott but also input from Chris Roberts about the Ultima V and Times of Lore games. The article was featured in "Amiga Computing" magazine, December issue (nr.7), 1988. Enjoy!
  10. FredDude32

    A potpurri of small mentionings of WC in CGW from 1990-1995'ish

    Did some browsing of old issues of Computer Gaming World (CGW) over on and found some interesting snippets concerning Wing Commander, Chris Roberts and Origin between October 1990 (issue 75) to around august 1995. Not the straight up WC-game reviews mind you but the much less...
  11. FredDude32

    "Conversations with a Kitty Killer" (1995 interview with C.R)

    Was browsing through an old issue of Computer Gaming World (issue number 132) and found a very brief interview from July 1995 with Chris Roberts. Not a very deep interview but still interesting :)
  12. FredDude32

    First Wing Commander game, Naval and Army ranks....

    Sorry for often asked question, but...reasons! The WC games features pilot ranks accordingly: 2nd LT, 1st LT, Captain, Major, LT Colonel and Colonel. However, In Wing Commander Prophecy, Blair is a Commodore..Which is, as I understand it, a Navy rank. So with that in mind: What branch of the...
  13. FredDude32

    Excuse me brother...

    ..I ordered this two weeks ago can you see if it's arrived yet please?
  14. FredDude32

    Definition of "Genetic Enhancement Program"

    Hey all! I'm always trying to find new storylines for a potential novel/short story. BUT! One of those stories may involve the "Genetic Enhancement Program" which I dont know much about. I need some more info before I begin writing since I havent read all the other WC fiction (official or...
  15. FredDude32

    Is it at all possible to fan-make/remake/mod a WC multiplayer game?

    A long time ago I read somewhere, (probably on this site), a comment about the first Wing Commander game. I dont remember the exact quote but it went something like this with regards to the lack of Multiplayer in WC: "How long would the Kilrathi Empire last if all the WC-players united against...
  16. FredDude32

    Who owns the rights to Wing Commander?

    Is it EA who does? I think it would be cool if Chris Roberts could somehow get those rights and include some form of WC cameo in Star Citizen..Like a playable simulator of the first WC game in the form of a Space Sci-fi game like in the Sim in the first WC game! I know its not original, but it...
  17. FredDude32

    Merry christmas all!

    May you always attack with the sun in yer back!
  18. FredDude32

    Pilgrim story-line or not?

    Hey all! Long story short: I'm still in the process of writing a WC-story. Though the Story so far is fairly straight-forward I'm still split over the question of including (or excluding) the whole Pilgrim story element into it all. My main aim is to write the story to my fellow WC-fans, but to...
  19. FredDude32

    I'm in the mood for Beethoven

    Anyone else? I'm sure Admiral Tolwyn would agree....
  20. FredDude32

    WC: The Secret Missions for the Amiga?

    Hey all! I apologise before hand if this question has been asked before: Is it possible, with todays technology, to convert the "The Secret Missions" from PC to the Amiga format? As I understood it, the original Wing Commander game was developed for the Amiga and PC, but not the "The Secret...