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    Insurance coverage exemptions

    So i was looking through the legal contract for my auto insurance the other day, to see if something that had happened to my vehicle was covered, and found this in the coverage exemptions: 3.Loss due to or as a consequence of: a.Radioactive contamination; b.Discharge of any nuclear...
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    Privateer 2 deluxe controls

    So uh... my dog ate my joystick. But no seriously she chewed through the cord, and I'm right in the middle of playing privateer 2 (sorry, duh). I don't really have the extra cash to fork right now to get a new one, so I'm trying to play it with a mouse. My god has it been one of the most...
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    Wing Commander Novel

    I've read some of the books, but have never read the movie novelization. I have one question before i set forth on an epic quest to own it... Is it a stand alone book, or is it dependent on the, sadly, incomplete trilogy? And if its stand alone, does that go for the second book? And...
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    WC Reactors

    In the movie Tolwyn tell the fleet to push their reactors to 120%, but the laws of mechanical efficiency (that really sounds made up doesnt it... but no its real) 100% is 100%... so does that mean that their 100% is merely the top of 'safe opperating parameter?' Another thing, the reactors on...
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    WC Fan fiction

    I'm not really sure this is the correct place for this, but i have a question. I remember a long while ago reading a few stories on a WC fan fiction site, that I've looked for a few time but have never been able to find. I'm wondering if I tell a little bit of the stories I remember maybe...
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    M.i.a??? I've been gone since like middle '06 (between moving from one place to another to joining the US Navy and getting medically discharged) so I'm sure quite a bit has happened, but I went to look for some people and their profiles don't exist. Can anyone tell me what happened to Meson...
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    Technically unrelated...

    Hey i'm actually trying to get see if anyone can help me with StarLancer. I know its not wing commander, but its still a fun game. My problem is that when i complete a mission and request to land the game crashes (so the only things i've managed to play are the training missions and the first...
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    Battlestar Galactica

    I dont know if i misspelled it... Anyone watch the Mini series? i did, i thought it was great, how bout you guys Oh and according to IMDb they're coming out with a new series... anyone else planning on looking into it?
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    FAVORITE fighter

    I saw the least favorite fighter one... and decided to put my own twist on it... but i wanted to put a poll on it... then i remembered... oh yeah... there are WAY too many possible choices to make a poll... so umm... i guess just post your responses, do it the old fashion way.
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    Unreasonably large text

    Hey, guys i need some help. Whenever i go to WC CIC, its in huge text, like its for the visually impaired. But its fine in the forums. I think its huge on most sites too... does anyone have an idea how to switch it back, its really starting to get on my nerves. -Thanks
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    A little help...

    Sorry, i dont know if this should be in the tech support section or not... but i need some help. Im playing WC on SNES, and i dont know how to end the mission. I bought it used, so it doesnt have an instruction manuel. so how when it says return to Tiger's Claw as the final nav point, how do i...
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    Am i the only one here that has ever somehow wanted gaining rank to have more meaning here? i mean i realize that at 2000 posts you get a few pretty cool new bonuses, but beyond that, i dont see a point... of course i could just be and incredably misguided poor soul desperetly in need of some...
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    I'm Back!!!

    Hey guys, dont know if any of you remember me, if been gone a while (didnt have internet for a while :mad: ) But im back! If anyone, I mean ANYONE remembers me, please say hi, it would be nice to know im welcomed back :D
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    No more Freddie Prinze Jr. in WC

    I know this is likely to get moved... but who thinks that it is a good thing that Freddie Prinze Jr. will no longer be acting, more so for any WC products... i mean he was only in WCM, but that was bad enough...but what do you think... is it a good thing, a bad thing, or could you not care less?
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    Does anyone know....?

    Does any one know how many carriers there where over all during the Kilrathi Saga??? i mean i swear there seems to be 40+
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    Being banned

    First off, im not sure if this is in the right forum.... so please move it if it isnt i have a question... does it take much to get yourself banned... i mean i have read the rules... but are u given any second chances with unacceptable comments?
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    First Polariod of Hawk

    Well if you look read the caption below the first polaroid you see someone made a funny... but then again you can seriously think about it... i mean what do you think... is he reaching for his knife.. or is he going to bow to her and ask her to dance... knowing Hawk... i say the knife
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    What The....

    Hey this has to do with the forums themselves... i dont know how i did it but i like made all the print 10x bigger on my screen... it was funny for the first few seconds... but does anyone know how to change it back?
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    What the....

    Hey can anyone tell me what this means: R0X0RZ ? Thanks :D
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    Wing Commander :animated series

    Who thought that WCTV was alright?