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    KS WC3 problem

    I hate mouse play. Get an optical mouse though.. they are 1000x better for games
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    Illegal operation running WC:SO

    celeron sucks.. that could be your problem
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    What is with the Nephilim?

    i thought it was just speradon.. nothing to do with ella.
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    Where To buy hawks knife?

    i know you can get that pilgrim cross on ebay.. its there all the time for $20 or so.
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    Illegal operation running WC:SO

    i think he's gone for a while
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    secret ops disscontinuation

    anyone else here been lucky as hell when it comes to WC? I managed to get a copy of KS when it was available in stores and I got SO off the net when it was free. And i also managed to find someone who was giving away their collection... MAN.. there are people on this board who would kill for my...
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    Not enough memory???

    I don't suppose that's the disk version of privateer? if so can you send me the 6th disk.. as i said in another post mi's corrupted.
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    corrupted disk

    don't have the manual. just the floppys and the box. i could scan the floppys and the box if you really wanted me to. I could even take a pic of me with the box and i might even show off the rest of my collection too.. hehe
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    corrupted disk

    and image isn't a picture.. its a backup. anyway i suspect you were joking
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    Video Problems In WCP

    what hardware are your running on cos i have the same problem i think it might be my S3 Savag4 video card
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    corrupted disk

    hey, I just got an original copy of privateer from a friend and the 6th disk is corrupted. Can anyone send me an image of their 6th floppy? thanks. ps. it's the original floppy disk released in 1993. 3 1/4 inch. thanks again
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    Star Trek: Armada

    a WC mod would turn it to a WC game wouldn't it?
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    Is The WC Saga going to Continue?!?

    anyone thought of converting starlancer into a WC sequel.. with some new ships and reappearances of old ones.. it would be cool cos it would have a next generation engine and mulitplayer support.. actually it would be a good idea for chris roberts to release an addon which converts it to the...
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    Prophecy music
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    homeworld mod

    there's nothing to download yet. looks very promosing though
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    The state of WC?

    the demo doesn't really do it justice. and you really need a joystick to shoot down the torpedoes which you have to do quite often
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    Star Trek: Armada

    I'll get right on it. but i'll have to learn how to convert 3d models to the armada format. thank god all the models are already in the WC games
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    Wing Commander: Incursion

    This is the rest of the story from my previous post "Some fanfic for ya" i'm still writing it. it's not complete yet Chapter 1: The Beginning Captain Patterson remembered when he would have killed for the inactivity he was now experiencing. Actually in his career as a fighter pilot he...
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    some fanfic for ya

    oh right sorry, i just got what you were saying. it's far from invunerable with a cloaking device.. check the main fanfic board in a second for some more chapters..