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    The return of MicroProse!

    I know it supported at least EGA, that's how I experienced it.
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    The return of MicroProse!

    Civ, Red Storm Rising and Covert Action were the games that defined my childhood (outside of WC of course)
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    Dead genres and the reason they died

    Trying for a revival? does that mean the new X-com game being developed doesn't count as an X-com game? No I'm serious, can someone answer this? fans can be deadly.... try telling Deus Ex fans that you enjoyed the Invisible War. *shudder*
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    Insurance coverage exemptions

    So i was looking through the legal contract for my auto insurance the other day, to see if something that had happened to my vehicle was covered, and found this in the coverage exemptions: 3.Loss due to or as a consequence of: a.Radioactive contamination; b.Discharge of any nuclear...
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    Lego Dralthis

    That is amazing
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    Just joined today...

    Wing Commander And BattleTech both had cartoons that, I feel, were good but given time would have really grown into something great; but of course both got canceled after the 1st season.
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    I have it. IMHO if you're going to play the multiplayer a fair amount it could definitely be worth it, but the single player experience is seriously not all that its cracked up to be. If I were to recommend it to anyone, i would say its a good title if you can get it at a decent used price, I...
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    Questionable Motives?

    There's an extended version of the film? How much does it fill in that the regular release misses? IIRC wasn't there a fair amount of story material that never even ended up shot (e.g. the knife fight)?
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    We Got Him!!!

    Short for NAVSPECWARDEVRGU, which is itself short for Naval Special Warfare Development Group, formerly Navy SEAL Team 6. They're the US Navy's premier anti-terrorism unit and, according to the news, they're the ones who killed him.
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    We Got Him!!!

    All I have to say is, if they didn't before, Devgru has some serious bragging rights now.
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    Should I get Arena

    I've been thinking about getting it too. I wasn't impressed with the demo, but have heard the full game is a lot better. As far as the multiplayer though, by that you mean there is no matchmaking feature?
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    Tarsus / Eagle 5

    I really don't see the resemblance
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    Mass Effect 360

    I would imagine you get to choose the characters, since each character is in a completely different file than any other. As far as the choices, i was thinking it would probably be the most recent playthrough with that character.
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    Mass Effect 360

    Ah, can you now? They said having save files from the original will effect the way mass effect two goes (even the way it starts according to an interview i saw on But using your character? There is the small matter that we have no idea whether or not sheperd is actually dead...
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    How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.

    I can actually say I've wasted time wondering where the hell that phrase came from.
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    Privateer 2 deluxe controls

    i'm going to take a wild guess... there is no way is there?
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    An old box i found

    Wow thats a pretty awesome find. I recently had to give away most of my games i had on 5.25 disks when i moved a while ago. I guess it wouldn't really do to much good to have them anyways though, since I no longer have a machine with 5.25 floppy drive... that doesn't really make suck any less...
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    How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.

    Of course I managed to either make a pretty bad spelling error or create a new word there... New word sounds so much more fun, now to make up a definition for a made up word.
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    Privateer 2 deluxe controls

    So uh... my dog ate my joystick. But no seriously she chewed through the cord, and I'm right in the middle of playing privateer 2 (sorry, duh). I don't really have the extra cash to fork right now to get a new one, so I'm trying to play it with a mouse. My god has it been one of the most...