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    My Print & Play Near-Future Space-Exploration Board Game

    Gosh, what a thread title :) Anyway... I made a super-niche board game again. It is free. This time, it is a solo-experience, that is a board game played by one person only (something I considered ridicolus myself just a few years back, but when desiging for it, it actually is fascinating)...
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    Video-chat compatible (physical) Wargame for you people...

    I was touring the web to find more playtesters for my most recent board game project, which is pretty hard in pandemic times 🙂 My nice and really large board game collection is gathering dust, since meeting people in person is irresponsible, let alone sitting around a map of Westeros, the...
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    WCNews is a really solid webpage :-)

    Did we actually ever have a discussion on the fact that the CIC is a really well put together webpage by now? * it looks very wc-ish to me, which is always a good sign for a fanpage * all the resources are nicely accessible (recently verified when I reinstalled Prophecy and was looking for the...
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    To where does Standoff download updates?

    Since no complete pack was ever released, my backup drive is in need of a recent standoff version. Backups of the installers have been made but the game needs to download a patch if I start it. What I want is that patch, because I obviously want to backup it as well.
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    Joystick customisation?

    Using the Kilrathi Saga. Any way to edit the keys on my Thrustmaster? I strongly dislike the setup in all games and would like be be able to for example engage my afterburner, something that's completly lacking. (WC3 doesn't allow me to select it, I use the "joystick" setting)