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    FreeDO and Super Wing Commander problem

    Hello, I just got a Super Wing Commander copy from ebay and try to get it work with FreeDO, but FreeDO seems can't work with this game properly. I got the following problem : - Kind of slow as video and audio something keep breakinh up. - No respond when press the correct key on...
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    WC iv DVD + WinXP + "RealMagic Hollywood plus"

    At last I bought a RealMagic Hollywood Plus PCI card installed on my WinXP Pro My PC Config : - WinXP Pro - RealMagic Hollywood Plus DVD decoder card - Wing Commander iV (DVD) I installed WC IV on my PC and configured as "Win 98/ME compatiable" mode. I can now play the game without...
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    WC DVD playback inquiry

    Hi, Can I get either - RealMagic Hollywood Plus PCI DVD Decoder - Or DXR3 to play with WC DVD IV? Thanks!
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    Wing Commander vs Freelancer

    Freelancer = Privateer style game? or Freelancer = Wing Commander style game? Thanks!
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    Wing Commander IV [DVD] inquiry ...

    I bought a wing commander iv (dvd version). But it is a single side DVD and the quality of the movies are the same as CD's. Is there 2 version of Wing Commander IV [DVD] out there? Because I would like to buy the Wing Commander IV DVD (With DVD movie quality) How can I know what...
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    Prophecy Problem ...

    I have a Duron 1.2G KT133A with WinXP Pro SB Value Digital 5.1 GF2 MX400 with 64 MB I can installed WC Prophecy without any problem and the game playing is ok. But the movie playing is too "skipping"/too "fast" I tried to disable the sound aceleration, Then the movie playing became...