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    corrupted disk

    hey, I just got an original copy of privateer from a friend and the 6th disk is corrupted. Can anyone send me an image of their 6th floppy? thanks. ps. it's the original floppy disk released in 1993. 3 1/4 inch. thanks again
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    Wing Commander: Incursion

    This is the rest of the story from my previous post "Some fanfic for ya" i'm still writing it. it's not complete yet Chapter 1: The Beginning Captain Patterson remembered when he would have killed for the inactivity he was now experiencing. Actually in his career as a fighter pilot he...
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    Star Trek: Armada

    Anyone played the new ST game? Armada? I reckon it has great potential for a WC mod. Anyone miss the great capship battles. I think I'll convert some of the IFFs to armada. Check out the game it kicks ass. Can you imagine being able to command a fleet of Midways? Should kick ass.
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    homeworld mod

    Hey, does anyone know where that wc homeworld mod is located?
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    some fanfic for ya

    Here's some fanfic i just wrote. I hope you like it. please comment so i can improve.. Chapter 1: The Beginning Captain Patterson remembered when he would have killed for the inactivity he was now experiencing. Actually in his career as a fighter pilot he frequently did kill and never regretted...
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    WC ship conversions

    Hey, can anyone help me out? I'm looking for an experienced WC ship creator to help me convert some 3D models to WC IFF format? I am looking to convert some star trek and red dwarf capships and fighters.. Maybe some star wars ones too. Anyone help me? Thanks in advance
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    I'm very distressed at the lack of new posts. talk about something new and inspiring. and bythe way does anyone have any ships for secret ops from the early WC games (1 and 2)? thanks
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    Admiral Tolwyn...

    does anyone else think that tolwyn was right with what he said about humanity having to protect itself but wrong with how he went about it? I mean the Black Lance was cool except the bioweapons and the GE program.. but the Dragon was on kickass fighter. And attacking the border worlds was wrong...
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    WC Ships

    What's everyone's all time favourite and worst ships out of all the games? My favourites the WC3 Excalibur. Took out four dralthi's without even having to maneaver to aquaire a new target once. Must say my least favourite is the Longbow though. Damn sluggish controls.
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    Red Dwarf Secret Ops Conversion

    Hi, I dunno if you've been to the Editing section and read my page there but I'm looking for help with a WC conversion. Among the stuff I need help in is: 1. Making ICIS briefings 2. Making a new room (with the fly mission and killboard options) If anyone can help me with this then please...
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    WC Academy TV

    My god!! I just downloaded the first episode and its 27 megs! Does anyone have a more compressed version? 27 megs seems a bit excessive.its prety good quality on full screen though
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    Cats in WC Movie?

    I never heard anyone calling the Kilrathi "cats" in the movie... yet as far as I understand it they are called cats in the movie based novels... probably just irrelivant but I found the kilrathi in the movie had absolutely no resemblance to cats.. They were pretty cool though, although i believe...
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    Those little pictures....

    Hey those pictures by the ranks is really cool... i wanna get promoted now..
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    Red Dwarf Secret Ops Conversion

    My previous thread on this topic was deleted when Y2K hit so I still need some help on this subject. I've seen the screenshots for Unknown enemy so I was wondering how to do some stuff. 1. Change the ICIS mission briefings 2. Make a new room instead of that Cerberus on with the killboard etc...