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  1. Kevin Caccamo

    WCP/SO Audio Skipping (Ubuntu 16.04 + Wine)

    I'm having an issue with the sound in WCP/SO in Wine under Ubuntu 16.04. The in-flight chatter occasionally skips, as you can see in this video: This issue has nothing to do with the MUP or WCP Unlimited. I've had this issue since before installing the MUP, but I've only now been able to record...
  2. Kevin Caccamo

    MAT Viewer

    I just created a small web app that loads MAT files made for WCP/SO and displays them on HTML5 Canvas elements.
  3. Kevin Caccamo

    Can I please have bsp.dll?

    Ye know, the file that ModelC 0.8 needs to create BSP trees for corvettes and capital ships... Or maybe some information about VISION engine BSP trees in general, since I'd like to add a BSP tree builder to the next version of OBJ2WCP.
  4. Kevin Caccamo

    Wing Commander Prophecy OEM

    WC Prophecy OEM was the first Wing Commander game I've ever played.. It came in a pack of games and 3D demos that were included with the Real 3D Starfighter AGP video card drivers. It was my favourite game out of the games in the pack. Unfortunately, though, the CD that I have for WCP OEM is...
  5. Kevin Caccamo

    WC1 Ralari WIP

    I'm making a new High-detail Ralari model for Woolie Wool's Wing Commander: Advance Guard mod for Saga. I'd like to try and improve my 3D modelling skills, so I thought I'd post it here for feedback. The model itself is largely based on the game sprites (like the Rapier II in Hostile...
  6. Kevin Caccamo

    Birthday releases

    Happy Birthday, CIC! Here's what I've been working on for the past few days: An update/mod for Wing Commander Saga with stuff from Hostile Frontier and a small mission for Standoff. To install the WCSaga mod 1. Create a folder inside your WCSaga Prologue folder and call it "3612mod" 2...
  7. Kevin Caccamo

    Wing Blender (WCP/SO Blender plugin)

    I've created an import/export script for Blender (v2.65+) that can import and export VISION engine IFF 3D models. You can get it on GitHub here: Most models from WC:SO mods are supported, as well as some models from the original game. Installation...
  8. Kevin Caccamo

    Flight History Terminal problem

    I'm having problems with the Flight History Terminal. It appears to be showing missions in the wrong order. It's a problem that came up (for me, anyway) two years ago and it's still happening today. I'm not sure if it's my machine or the game that's causing the problem, but I recall it...
  9. Kevin Caccamo

    Thruster alpha channel

    I thought you might be interested in this... It's the original, unmodified Alpha channel of the thrusters from WCP/SO
  10. Kevin Caccamo

    Fighter Storage Question

    Since the hangarbay of the Wake class is too small to fit big ships, like Raptors or Broadswords, how did the Landreich store those things when they weren't being used?
  11. Kevin Caccamo

    What's the WC connection?

    Ok... What does this film have anything to do with Wing Commander? It's not Wing Commander, and it isn't even closely related.
  12. Kevin Caccamo

    New Ship

    While I was playing Wing Commander 2 in Dosbox, I was on that mission where you went to Caernarvon and back to Concordia. Before I engaged autopilot back to Concordia, I saw a new ship that I had never seen before, It was a Free Trader called Willie C. I suppose Willie C. was the freighter...
  13. Kevin Caccamo

    Broadsword vs. Ralatha rendering

    So, I made another big render. This time, it's two broadswords against a Ralatha. (Image is attached)
  14. Kevin Caccamo

    Where to put renderings?

    Yeah, because I just made another WC2 Rendering. Are they supposed to go in Fan Fiction? Fan Projects/Editing? General WC Chat? Where? :confused:
  15. Kevin Caccamo

    Fralthra Rendering

    So I made a few modifications to Bob Mcdob's "rescued" Fralthra model according to WCNAV, such as the hangarbay at the back and a few texture corrections. After that, I decked it up with Halos and extra light sources. Image is below. What do you think? ;) Sorry it's so big, but I can't...
  16. Kevin Caccamo

    Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier (Landreich campaign previews)

    Hi guys! I'm doing a landreich campaign for the Wing Commander Saga Prologue. It is still a WIP, but I thought I had enough content that I could finally begin showcasing it. :D Here are some shots of the first mission: Comments, feedback, and questions are welcome.
  17. Kevin Caccamo

    Dual Model Release

    Yes, this is a dual model release. The first model is a Strakha for Iceman's WC2 Flight Commander mod, and the second model is a Scimitar from Super Wing Commander. You are free to use them in your fan project. Textures, Normal maps, Height maps, and AO maps for both models are included in...
  18. Kevin Caccamo

    SWC Hornet Low Poly model

    I just completed a 3D model of the Hornet from Super Wing Commander. It has a really low polycount (~200 polys!!), so it should be suitable for any game. By using Blender, I was able to create the low-res model over the high-res model which I used as a reference. I put Origin's textures onto...
  19. Kevin Caccamo

    I wanna fly that ship!

    Yes, the Grikath. It seems to be overpowered somehow. I seem to remember sitting in front of WC2 and saying "Son of a bitch" whenever I saw those bastards. They always killed me for some reason. I can't really remember their loadout, but IIRC, it has four neutron guns at the front and two at...
  20. Kevin Caccamo

    Something useful

    Here's something all you Secret Ops modders will find handy 3D exploration 1.5.3 can convert OBJ or 3DS format models to the PEO format, which you can then convert to the WCSO format. It has a 30 day trial version. After that, you can still save your models, but there is a small problem...