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    Just How Did They Do That?

    How did they do that? There have been numerous manuals, books, novels, and games (also the movie) on Wing Commader. Most of them are made from different people (sorry, I mean written). After 'browsing' through most of this 'presumed' entangled web, I have found that almost all of it is neatly...
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    Oh interesting. Everyone's Profile Link with CIC is broken...

    How interesting. I was wondering what some people put in their own profiles, and whalla! File Error #404 ...on everyones. Must be a server error.
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    What is with the Nephilim?

    What is with the Nephilium? Well, considering such, they came out of nowhere. Not only that, we know basically nothing about them. What is there to know?
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    WC: Secret Ops - and the Mistery of the Missing Episodes

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was already brought up; but considering I wasn't there when it happened, I'll ask anyways. Where in tarnation can someone get those SO episodes? Many top sites apparently have links to them, but the links are broken. Anyone got a clue?
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    Cap Ship Construction vs. Cap Ship Destruction

    There has always been one thing annoying me in the craw... If you're aware of the WC series and cap ships, you'll recognize that many of them are destroyed *snaps fingers* like that! But... it takes years just to make a destroyer or cruiser; and Confed loses them like hot-cakes. ...I don't...
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    Hmmm.... referring to BlackLance HQ

    This sounds like an interesting group... from what I have been hearing (I am referring to the fan-club ;P). Quite frankly, it sounds interesting to join. Knight, TC, what can you tell about the BlackLance to myself, and the 'newbies' (ugh... ). ------------------ "To take one step forward...
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    Just a little something...

    Everyone has their own personal opinion.. But... what do you think- What do YOU think is the Overall, Best, Capital Ship (consider it from a 1 vs 1 battle between other Capital Ships, and who would be THE Victor). No Race limitations. ? ------------------ "To take one step forward, you must...
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    Curious... I wonder where that comes from...

    I've always wondered why warp gates were always so close to astro-phenomenom... (any space stuff)... and so few just alone without being a few dozen thousand clicks away from a star or something :/ ------------------ "To take one step forward, you must look back three steps... and walk forward...
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    Wing Commander: Secret Ops - Registration Problem

    Unfortunately... the Wing Commander Secret Ops Registration Server is not responding. I have been attempting to register for some time now to play Secret Ops... but it still is down. May I ask what the problem is? And most importantly, how to register!