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  1. GBOOM

    WC Arena Play Dates

    So, it doesn't look like anyone really plays Arena, but I just got it, dammit, and I wanna play! So, this thread is just for that. Whenever you're on (or gonna be on) Arena, you can post it to this thread, and all the wingnuts out there can join in, and maybe...just maybe....
  2. GBOOM

    Tactics and Tips *SPOILERS*

    Alright, didn't really find a specific tactics forum, so here we go. I played the Prologue release a few times, and had no problems with those capship missles on the (last?) mission. In fact, that mission became my favorite mission in the WC universe the first time I played it. I thought it...
  3. GBOOM

    Wing Commander IV Install problems

    Trying to install WC4, and I get this error when trying to install the data files: Open failed on file: OBJECTS.TRE It goes on to say this error may be a result of a conflict with my system and WC4; and suggests I run the BOOTDISK.EXE, except I don't have a floppy drive of any kind, and I'm...