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    Windows update broke GOG/DOSBox WC3?

    EDIT: Apologies. Mistake in thread title. I'm using the Origin WC3 version, not GOG. I was midway through a WC3 playthrough. Everything was working well with the stock Origin DOSBox settings. Then yesterday, my PC downloaded and installed a monster Windows feature update. It took about 10-15...
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    Do WC3 wingmen fire torpedoes?

    First playthrough in five years, and WC3 is still a joy to play! But I'm on Ariel 3 "play possum in the nebula" and the game is kicking my ass. I don't remember it being this tough. I chose Thunderbolts, and Maniac. This is probably a bad choice because Maniac wants to take on the capships...
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    Stay safe, wingnuts

    So, in these unprecedented times - how is everybody doing? Anybody in isolation? In my coutnry - The UK, the government has just announced the 'indefinite' closure of all bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, leisure centres, theatres and cinemas in addition to calling for social distancing, an end...
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    Hunter Toth and Salman Rushdie resemblance?

    Salman Rushdie appeared on the news in the UK this morning, and I was certain I recognised him from somewhere. Rushdie is a British novelist whose fourth book 'The Satanic Verses' caused widespread outrage throughout the Muslim world, and resulted in a fatwa, subsequently spending years in...
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    Wing Commander ship design inspirations

    @Lilja 's recent thread about the t-shirt with the Raptor-esque fighter got me thinking about the origins of some of our familiar Wing Commander craft. Before that discussion was had, I didn't have a clue the Raptor had an immediate design inspiration. So I've been thinking about designs, and...
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    FAO: Europe and the rest of the world.

    So...5.30am here and it's pretty much settled that we're leaving the EU. What do you all make of it? Are we crazy? Are you jealous?
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    Non functioning motherboard/new build advice

    I know the CIC isn't the first place on the list for asking about tech problems; but I've reached my wit's end. I've made threads on and on Tom's Hardware and nobody seems to be able to offer up any advice. Since I've had good PC advice from you guys before, I thought I'd give it...
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    Wing Commander III acting... superb. I'm not just saying that because I love the game, and it will always be my favourite. I try to give the whole series a fly through at least once a year, but it's a couple of years since I last went through WC3 - and this time around I became more absorbed than usual, particularly...
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    Cockpit screenshot request

    Bit of a weird one this. My main rig is down, brand new 1200w power supply failed (and a Seasonic, too! unbelievable)...I'm currently using a crapsville Pentium Duo from years ago. I'm praying when I bring her back up with a new PSU that I haven't lost my 5820k and dual Titan-X that I spent...
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    Can anybody identify a 90s adventure game?

    I'd like to play this again, but I can't remember what it's called. - Circa 1995-1997 - Talkie - Sci Fi - Adventure game, with some action. Keyboard movement, not point and click. - Set on an alien world - You're a human, you have one alien friend (an ally) *NOT* talking about "Another World"...
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    WC1 EMS vs Non-EMS video comparison

    Going to be making a few WC1 related videos for the anniversary, since I've not done this much before, figured I'd test out the software and my microphone with this oddball curiosity video. Inspired by a thread from earlier this week, this one's aimed mostly at the kids that don't remember...
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    The newbie/gratuitious posting guide

    Every forum should sticky this ;)
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    Nixon's Apollo 11 'failure' speech

    Not really news, but this is the first time I've come across it...pretty harrowing stuff, thought it might be of interest to all you Spacers. I guess this was written...
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    A festive open letter of thanks to the CIC.

    A slightly tipsy Christmas thank you. Do excuse the rambling. In February, Wingnuts voted in the annual poll: 'What kind of year will it be for Wing Commander?' I've noticed in years gone by, a certain growing trend of pessimism in the annual 'morale check' but, thanks in part to the...
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    Claw Marks portraits redux

    Well, since the Famicom manual came with full color pilot portraits, I thought I'd tinker with the original PC Claw Marks, and see how the artwork might have looked. Just goofin' around really, it's been a rainy and somewhat boring afternoon. I'll probably do the rest of the pilots if I get time.
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    Tachyon: The Fringe - Vision Engine?

    When this came out in 2000, I saw it at my local 'Staples' store and momentarily thought from the game's title that there'd been a Wing Commander sequel that I'd somehow not heard about. Upon closer inspection of the box, I decided it wasn't worth dallying outside of the Wing Commander universe...
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    Beneath A Steel Sky

    Any other GoG users noticed this title appears free in your downloadable games collection? Anyone tried it? I downloaded it about a week ago, and as a pretty loyal adventure-gamer, can't believe I missed this one back in the day! One of the best point-and-clickers I've ever played, very much...
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    List of planets 'killed' universally.

    Struck me this morning there are rather a lot: -Warhammer XI, c.2654 -Goddard, 2654 -Mylon II, unknown. (Do we know any more about when this happened?) -Locanda IV, 2669 -Hyperion uninhabited planet, 2669 (name, anyone?) -Sirius, 2669 -Warsaw, 2669 -Loki VI, 2669 -Kilrah, 2669 The list...
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    GG Savegame files absent from Save folder

    Hello, could anybody tell me why despite savegame functionality working just fine, I see no files in the .privgold100/save folder? I wish to edit the save file with notepad for ship switching purposes, but the folder is empty, despite have a saved game working just fine?
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    WC II...really hard.

    My first WC2 playthrough in years, and I forgot just how solid it is. I'm up to K'Tithr'ak Mang (A) -- any tips for dealing with the Drakhai Jalkehis? I forgot how useless Jazz can be on that mission :(