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    I just got the Kilrathi saga and was trying to use some of the programs in the CIC files area. The ones where you can watch the game movies without playing the games. Well the program says it needs Xanmovie to play, no prob since I got the program with KS but how do I use it? Okay, lets start...
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    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone here is in regular contact with Christopher "Cmdr_X" Blair. You see a few months back X said that he was looking for the False Colors novel and I mailed him saying that I'd be happy to give it to him since I just that nice of a guy. Anyway I also asked him if he...
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    Midgets in the military

    Well are there? ---------- You might be a redneck if...Bikers back down from your momma.
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    Gunner...? (don't yell)

    I have a question. In WC2-WCP you have AI controled turrents yet for some reason in Privateer 1 you have to control the turrent yourself. It just kinda sucks since even if you spend the money to place the turrents on your ship and put the best guns on it it's really just useless as a...
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    "Bed Time Story"

    What happened to the thread "Bed time story?" It apears to have been deleated so if anyone has a copy of the thread could you send it to me? ----------- You might be a redneck if..."Your wife has ever said, 'Come move this transmission so I can take a bath!'"
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    IRQ, IRC???

    Ok, I was talking to this guy and before he had to go he gave me an IRC, IRQ or something like that number. Well I really want to get in touch with him but I haven't a clue as to what the hell the thing is. The number he gave he is an eight digit number. I'm downloading an IRQ program as I...
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    The possibilities...

    I have to admit that I was very scepticle about Origin being able to reliece an on-line sequal to WC but after playing Freespace 2 all of those worries are pretty much gone. Sure I wouldn't wan OS to release a completly on-line game, but it it defenatly feasible to play the game. If you want...
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    It has always been intersting to hear how someone came up with their callsign. That is why I'm opening this thread. I'll kick things off. When I got WC1 for my SNES I didn't have a clue as to how to play it. Hel1, I thought the simlulator was the game. And when I went to the barreks I always...
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    It's my birthday. As of today I'm twenty... -------------- The king is dead. Long live the king. ------------------ They've got use surrounded. Poor bastards. Try it. What could it hurt.
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    The age old question...

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Any guesses? ------------------ They've got use surrounded. Poor bastards. Gunner mostly goes to sleep at eleven...mostly.:)
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    Video trouble

    My computer died (not Y2K, just an old CPU) and now I'm useing a paste-and-glue special. It's an old 486 I dug up with no CDROM or sound ($40 at a local computer store). Anyway I managed to install Win95 by plugging a hard drive into my brothers computer and installing. Well the problem is that...
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    Confederation draft

    I been wondering for some time now if there was a draft during the Kilrathi war. I know many of you think that this is a rather stupid question but there really isn't any mention of a draft in the WC fiction I read. It just seems almost essential for there to be one especially due to such a...