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    KS wc3 video playback

    okay i have saga and im trying to play the video for wc3, i used the tool listed for wc3 to extract but the player wont work.. i think i figured out a work around but i dont have a blank cd to try it, are there any other ways to play the wc3 video?
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    movie snakiers == ans reliant?

    am i the only one who thinks those movie snakiers look an aweful lot like the ans reliant from starlancer with some extra turrets on it?
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    Need A New Game Help

    clearly im just looking some good video games, i tried eve, its the most bugy game i've ever graced, i want something in space where you blast shit, and thats relativly new, thats my only requirement, mmorpg nice but not nessessity
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    i dunno if you'll allow this cuz has to do with downloading ks illegaly or what not but im not telling nayonewhere to get it, i just wana know WTF do i do with it, its god all these zip files then within first zip file is wc1 wc2 wc2crack and this big arj i found a program to extreat it but i...
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    is it possible to still buy wc 4 or priv2 retail?

    i missed out on both of them and WANT TO PLAY NOWWWWWW
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    My proph 3rd cd is broke, how do i install patch on SO or is there another way

    please tell me theres a way, when i try to run patch it tells me to re install the program.. well fine an dandy if i could install prophecy. its to make it work for win2k
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    W2k with PROPH and SO

    can someone tell me how the hell i get this thing running it worked fine in every other operating system i used i know there hasta be a way i can't live without SO i play it over and over and over and over
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    ea classic cdrom privateer

    okay uoto run brings up a program called gateway which has a big shiny gray button called INSTALL which doesn't do a goddamn thing it just sits there and looks confused. so i ignored gateway went to install hit it, it brings up dos prompt i install yada yada yada ANYWAY since it obviously is no...
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    ea cdrom classic privateer

    i was walkin by kmart electronics section saw it and needless to say GRABBED IT AND RAN OUT THE DOOR anyway it loads up a program called gateway that attempts to install it on your machine, only it doesn't work, i've played around with crap, got it to install but it wants me to reset into msdos...
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    wc IV

    anyone know where i can buy the dvd version at (if they still make it)
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    so HELP

    Okay: HELP episode 3, mission 1, your suppost to protect shy medows and company in a wasp. all sudden as soon as it shows little image of cerberus jumping in, it instatly says mission failed, and 2 of 3 ships blow up before i can even move my fighter, third blows up just as i get control...
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    _=Prophecy + Secret Ops+-

    Does prophecy have multi player support or was that just some huge misprint on the back of the box: 2. mission 1 episode 3 your suppost to save shy medows, kyoto rose and another transport , i've played secret ops like 8 times through and this is first time i had this happen: as soon as i start...
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    _=Prophecy + Secret Ops+-

    One> on back of prophecy box i baught says it has multi player support (didnt' think it did but box said so so i said hey and go it) anyway i cant find it anywhere so was this false advertising or what? and on secret ops mission one i think its episode 3 your suppost to save the kyoto rose...