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  1. Pedro

    Return to Monkey Island coming 2022

    Let me rephrase that: most of the people I have observed complaining about the video are focused on the visual style. I know in that context is more akin to “I’m not overlooking the fact” than “I know something you don’t know”. In this case I’m not overlooking that the discussion has been...
  2. Pedro

    Return to Monkey Island coming 2022

    I was more of a Sam & Max / Indiana Jones person so I don't have strong feelings about it, but I don't think that animation style works with that visual style. I know most people don't like the visual style but I think it totally could have worked with smoother animations.
  3. Pedro

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    Dang that's negative :( The way Howie told it it sounded like they made enough money to leave, I hadn't realised the hate had played a role, but I did see those videos. I can absolutely understand that reaction, being in the games industry I have a very different view of steam and I dare not...
  4. Pedro

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    What ugly things?
  5. Pedro

    they are remastering one of my favorite adventure games of all time

    I… will now buy the non enhanced GoG version. This looks terrible
  6. Pedro

    Request for Flight Stick Information

    Sorry you can actually ignore this post now! After some internal testing we determined the variety in axis mappings between sticks was too great so we bit the bullet and added custom control mappings for all 4 supported input devices.
  7. Pedro

    WC4 Remake

    Not in the demo, but the full game will need it and every other feature. It'll probably be a refraction effect.
  8. Pedro

    WC4 Remake

    Well this is just the demo, so we will be distributing the original demo with it (please try it using dos box and compare to make sure we are on the right path). For the final release we will search your registry to find where you have WCIV installed, either from GoG or origin, and run using...
  9. Pedro

    Request for Flight Stick Information

    I'm trying to add good default keybindings for different flight sticks/ HOTAS setups to the Wing IV Remake Demo. Would people mind posting the string that appears in USB Game Controllers (*exactly* as it appears) here, including the name of seperate rudder/ throttle if you have them. Finally if...
  10. Pedro

    WC4 Remake

    With the help of @EmuMusicFan I believe we now have some minimum specs. He helped test with low GPU memory and movie playback optimizations to get 60fps 1080p h265 running at speed with only 2 cores. Minimum specs: (No shadows, no post process) 2 Core CPU 2GB GPU (Probably 860M/750Ti) 8GB...
  11. Pedro

    WC4 Remake

    AMD issues are resolved, all looking good :)
  12. Pedro

    The game "Chorus", Freelancer & Descent mix

    I picked it up recently, I was enjoying it for about an hour but got to a point where it really wasn’t clear what to do and no way to back out of that mission.
  13. Pedro

    WC4 Remake

    Glad to hear it :) Still on track for the Birthday I'd say. We have an AMD only graphics bug, and having no AMD to test with that could prove an issue. I've asked an old colleague who uses them and is familiar with Vulkan but he has a newborn and no guarantee. Worst case scenario I'll shell out...
  14. Pedro

    EA in Merger Talks With Various Tech Giants (May 28, 2022)

    Beyond the obvious implications to official games I get nervous about what it could mean for fan mods. EA has been fairer than most towards fan development.
  15. Pedro

    HD video packs - Tech Support

    Nice choice of stick! Only one in two decades I've not hated.
  16. Pedro

    WC4 Remake

    Internally we finally have something playable from beginning to end but it's not ready for public release yet. I'd say the demo is about 90% complete, just some AI and effects work to go. We are aiming for the CIC bday party in August for release but that depends on everyone's real life commitments.
  17. Pedro

    New Poll Inquires About Story Preferences (May 7, 2022)

    I wouldn’t have thought I’d go with epic but 3 and 4 are the games I remember most vividly. And as I read all the novels fleet action is definitely the one I remembered most vividly. The downside is those stories are also unsustainable. WC3 and 4 both gave the problem to their sequels of “now...
  18. Pedro

    Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack

    Can you share the save game? That would let us see if we can recreate it.
  19. Pedro

    Relive the Classic 486 Experience With Marco (April 20, 2022)

    That looks so smooth, if only GoG or KS ran that consistently.