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    I found a wooden Dralthi on Etsy

    It looks awesome, way out of my price range, though. :)
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    Interesting IGN interview with Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill Batman: Arkham Aslyum 2 Interview The article is mostly about Arkham Asylum 2, but on page two it digresses into the difficulty of acting in video games, especially the Wing Commander series. Hamill may not know what went wrong but he's well aware of the challenge presented when...
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    What moments stand out most?

    What stands out strongest amongst your Wing Commander memories? For me, it was making my first jump in Privateer. It felt like the world was opening up in a huge way, that I really was in charge. As much as I loved the first two games, Privateer felt like something entirely new. It was...
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    Does anyone remember that unifnished game Origin released on their website?

    Long ago, I mean, long ago, like, Origin Chat Zone long ago, there was a spot on the Origin website where they put up an unfinished game for people to goof around with. I can't remember its name, Flatland or Transland or something like that. It was a 3D, gouraud-shaded first-person...
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    MechWarrior is back! Good things are happening. Every day, the chances of someone taking a shot at a new Wing Commander game gets better. In the meantime, Battletech! Oh, boy, I haven't felt this thrilled by a game announcement since Wing Commander Arena.
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    Does anyone else play Killzone 2?

    I don't think there's any more depressing first person shooter.
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    WCPedia: Jumpscouts needed!

    I was going through the stellar cartography section and found lots of strange jump links that aren't on the prophecy map. Is the map section on the cic site credible, or should we just go by what is on the prophecy map?
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    WCPedia: IRC Conference After Action Report

    Well, the WCPedia meeting came and went, and a good bit of progress was made. After a few attempted games of Armada, we got down to work. LOAF revealed that Arena began with a very... un-Wing Commander storyline before the developers were set straight regarding Wing Commander Canon. The...
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    Wing Commander IV shoutout in Fallout 3?

    If you turn on the enclave radio station, you'll hear President Malcolm McDowell's monologues, and among the things he says is, and he makes a big buildup to it, "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance". I know it's an actual saying and all, but to hear Malcolm McDowell say it again made me...
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    Sometimes it's tough being one of LOAF's disgruntled men

    This Brooke Shields Volkswagen ad campaign has me shouting SHIELDS UP! like a crazy person. It wasn't so bad when I could just avoid her tv appearances, but now she can pop up anywhere at any time.
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    Kerri-Lee sighting!

    I was in Delaware a few days ago and heard a familiar name on the tv. Kerri-Lee is in Philadelphia now, apparently. I thought she was still in Texas somewhere.
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    How do I dodge missiles?

    I've gotten used to dumping chaff and making a hard turn in the general direction of an incoming missile, thanks to the more recent WC games, and for the life of me, I can't remember how to dodge missiles in the first installments of the series. Am I really supposed to switch weapons to that...
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    What happened with the front page?

    I noticed that the Arena art for the last few days was replaced. If you don't mind my asking, what's up?
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    So, what exactly was Origin FX?

    I always thought it was just a screensaver, but the way the Point of Origin docs talk about it, it seems like a lot more? Was it a screensaver or something else? Was it a hit or a miss? Was it even released? Does anyone know anything about Origin FX?
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    Which WC games had the best visual style?

    Which WC games had the best visual style? I was just curious about your opinions on which Wing Commander game had the best visual style. The early Wing Commander games, as we all know, used brightly-colored bitmaps, bitmap art of characters and rounded ships. Armada used a 3D engine and...
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    Excalibur and Thunderbolt in WCP?

    I'm not going for a space point, I'm just curious about whether the Excalibur and Thunderbolt used in SO were made for WCP. I was looking at some of the archive documents and the air group layout doc mentions Thunderbolts being used as wild weasels, but there is no mention of Excaliburs.
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    Questions about The Making of Wing Commander III VHS Tape

    I just got a copy of WC3 Premiere Edition and watched the tape that came with it. For the most part, it is similar to the video on the Behind the Screens CD, but with more actual "making of" stuff. I was curious about something. I saw a poster that looked like the cover of WC, but with Wing...
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    Anybody home?

    I... miss you...
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    A question about Shok'lars

    Are shok'lars upgraded Salthis? Is there anything that ties the ships together besides Privateer's Salthis looking like Shok'lars?
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    WCPedia: Navy or Space Force?

    I was looking at the character template and noticed that Maestro is classified as belonging to the Navy. I thought that pilots belonged to a seperate Space Force. Is there a consensus?