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  1. Michelle D

    New Kilrathi unit in the works

    :D The idea for the front view came from the SNES Super Metroid Intro, I used a simple horizontal gradient hooked up to transparency to make the lens of the helmet partially transparent on one side. The dark colored material transmits power to devices connected to the sides of the helmet...
  2. Michelle D

    Kitty Citty

    Here is what I've been working on lately. I can't really say if it's Kilrathi enough, especially the building with the most progress done on it. The orange cubes are scale markers 7' or 8' high.
  3. Michelle D

    Gratha redone

    Made this one so that the octagon shape was not solid but more like a shell made from individual panels, which to my surprise allows for everything to fit the Clawmarks reference fairly well. :o Added in some teeny maneuvering thrusters as well.
  4. Michelle D

    Tigers Claw Barracks

    I enjoy walking the corridors as much as I do piloting spacecraft so I decided to do some interior modeling. I did a quick search and found that someone else did in fact make a barracks model. It's very nice, and further inspired me to work...
  5. Michelle D

    Testing Two Graphics Cards at once

    Just putting this info out there: My original game settings that ran Standoff quite well with just the ATI card currently do not work with two cards installed. Starting the game gives me a black screen. I also tried it without the lighting effects enabled. I don't see this as a problem at the...
  6. Michelle D

    Gratha Model

    Well I'm at it again. The model and textures are far from done but here is what I have so far. I've been parting out bits here and there from the Red Gratha from the Japanese box art. I chose to go with the simpler gun barrels along with the open panels and intake ducting on the underside of...
  7. Michelle D

    Gratha yet again.

    This time I'm a little more pleased with the model matching the original artwork.
  8. Michelle D

    Kilrathi Female Model WIP

    I hope you like it so far. I'm trying to get fur put on and then cloth on top of that. Comments welcome. I'm looking for input on the head since I'm not that happy with what I have now. I based the model off of the WC cut scene here
  9. Michelle D


    I'm not done with the head. I would like to add in instanced feathers, and work on the texture more. I'm not doing a body yet, I'm looking for feedback on the head before I move on to the body. :o Does it look too bird like or not humanoid enough?
  10. Michelle D

    Aug. 24, 1998 Secret Ops article if this is old "old news" then feel free to delete the thread. :o
  11. Michelle D


    I want to make an EPEE model; because I like the ship, and because the one I see already made is in a .cob format, which I cannot use or convert at the moment. :( Does anyone have epee sprites? I just see a 3/4 view on the ship database but not the top or sides. I made a composite from some...
  12. Michelle D

    Camera Mapping WC environments

    I wanted to rebuild some scenes from WC and maybe even Privateer 3 using camera mapping, partly because I've never done any camera mapping before and partly because I want some WC environments for my models.
  13. Michelle D

    Kilrathi Guard

    This guy is from the longer intro to WC2.
  14. Michelle D

    Short Video of my 7 Gratha models

    . Oldest to newest, my most recent one is still under construction. I also threw in my low poly models. I had made a holo projector and room as part of the scene so that it looked like my models were being viewed on board another ship, but...
  15. Michelle D


    The Kilrathi Human Hybrid :) I dunno if they existed but I thought I'd try my hand at the concept. The title of the picture was "Half Pride Half Vanity" . . .
  16. Michelle D

    Dibb's Salvage ( Planet ??? )

    "Ah, you look like the adventurous type, why not take a look at this baby. Fine piece of Kilrathi engineering. This ones a fixer upper, if you take it off my hands I'll even throw in some air fresheners, you can never quite get rid of the smell... if you know what I mean. So how about it friend...
  17. Michelle D

    WC Gratha under 500 Polies WIP