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  1. centaurianmudpig

    WC4 Delay in movie after dialogue choice

    Hey guys, I decided to try out WC4 GOG version after many years sitting in my library. It's the DVD version I'm trying. It takes 10+ seconds for the movie to continue playing after selecting a dialogue choice. In that time it just appears to be frozen from the point you select the dialogue...
  2. centaurianmudpig

    Privateer a best space game

    PC Gamer did a thing about best space games. Privateer made the list.
  3. centaurianmudpig

    Absolute Territory 2.0 Update brings new VR experience graphical updates with more configurable options, user accessibility options, and more.

    Allow me to introduce you to this huge title update bringing all-new VR mode! For those without VR headsets, there is a host of visual improvements and upgrades to pleasure your eyes. Also, save at least 20% off Absolute Territory in the current Green Man Gaming Sale and you still get a Steam...
  4. centaurianmudpig

    Necro posting

    Some board owners don't like necro posts, even if they are the same. Perhaps they are more interested in their topics count. Personally, if it's relevant then necro posting is the way to go. Best to keep your eggs in one basket rather than strewn across the ether. Especially when its in a...
  5. centaurianmudpig

    The Price of GOG

    One again the Wing Commander series gets discounted on GOG with a couple of other space game titles. Just missing the Privater series.
  6. centaurianmudpig

    WC3 Updated on GOG?

    Hey guys, Galaxy tells me there is a new update. I guess it's not too far of stretch to say its not gameplay/executable related, or is it? Anyone know what they have changed? It would be nice if GOG told us what has changed.
  7. centaurianmudpig

    Rob Irving Interview (WC4 & more)

    Talks about stuff while at Origin and more. WC4 gets brought up around 8.40 The ground missions were a little bit hard? I laugh the face of the ground turret missile spamming me!
  8. centaurianmudpig

    Merry Christmas

    A merry Christmas to one and all. I hope you all have the best Christmas possible. Stay vigilant out there, keep Santa safe from kitty litter while he delivers presents to the colonies. And here is hoping to 2016 being an amazing year for Wing Commander and its ilk.
  9. centaurianmudpig

    Void Destroyer 2 - ala Privateer

    Hey guys, I'd expect a few of you would have heard of or played Void Destroyer, a space combat/strategy game, released last year. While the difficulty level is high it was a fun and interesting game to play. It's a cross between RTS and first person ship combat. You can build and control your...
  10. centaurianmudpig

    Wing Commander 3 Save Game Files

    Hello, I tried to back up and restore my save game files. I have failed my race. I backed up the incremental .WSG files in the DATA folder and the WSG_NDX.WSG file in the root folder (also tried DATA). Restoring these files to a fresh install, the saves do not appear in the game. Is there...
  11. centaurianmudpig

    Wing Commander movie reboot

    I came across a forum post on which linked to this interestimg IMDb entry: Featuring Angel, Grunt (?) and Commander Halcyon. For 2015 release. Im hopeful for a reboot to the video game at the same time. Source...
  12. centaurianmudpig

    YouTube Videobar Test (WC3 Gameplay)

    Hi guys, I've uploaded a short gameplay video of WC3 of the first mission. I'm interested in what you think of the video bar that I am trying out. It allows you to skip to the more interesting moments of the video that I have chosen. Use the play bar to the left to try it out. Given the...
  13. centaurianmudpig

    Shotglass' Bar

    Hey guys, I took a dabble at some 3D modelling in Blender. This is a project I have wanted to do for a few months now and managed to scrounge some time to spend several hours on it. It's my first attempt at re-creating Shotglass' bar on the Tiger's Claw. It's pretty basic. I'm a beginner at...
  14. centaurianmudpig

    Wing Commander HD (I would so like to see)

    The Who owns the rights to Wing Commander? just got me thinking, for some reason why not sooner, about a HD remake for Wing Commander. I'm sure this is all wrapped up in legality etc, but given the crack team of programmers (Team Maverick, right?) at CIC, have you considered pitching a HD...
  15. centaurianmudpig

    Wing Commander 2 Crash (Cut scene related?)

    Hi guys, Wing Commander 2 (GOG version) seems less stable. It has crashed on me a few times now. It appears to be cut scene related, where it crashes upon attempting to play a cut scene when in space. It also crashed on me during the double jump mission, where you fly with Angel, crashing on...
  16. centaurianmudpig

    Looking to spend that Christmas money?

    Surely you cant go wrong with this?
  17. centaurianmudpig

    Wing Commander: Refusal to accept keyboard input

    Hi guys, Have any of you come across a glitch where Wing Commander will refuse to accept any keyboard input during flight, yet still accepts joystick input? Over the course of playing on the DOS BOX release from I have had this happen to me on just a few occasions, but most annoying...
  18. centaurianmudpig

    Wing Commander 3 Ace Guide Series

    Hey guys, Wing Commander 2: Special Operations 2 is finished! With WC3 I decided to try out a different style of play, well it's more like a guide. I've removed the vast majority of the cut scene's, generally keeping the briefing scenes and showing off the combat instead, detailing what to...
  19. centaurianmudpig

    Privateer 2 (GOG) Dark Fix version - Full screen?

    Hello, After using the Darkfix, I am not sure how to set it to be full screen. I currently have black bars on the left and right sides throughout the game. Using the Video config I was able to setup the unpatched version of the game to be fullscreen, removing these bars. How can I do this in...
  20. centaurianmudpig

    X Rebirth

    Hey guys, I know a few of you will likely be busy playing this game, battling it's glitches and baffling design idea's, having way too much to post. I've played a couple of the older ones, namely X and X 3. Any tips/hints to get though the early hours? Here's mine ... to avoid a particular...