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    Reconciling Fighter and Capital ship stats across the WC games

    Best way I found to use the Longbow in WC3 was to load up all my missile hardpoints with Pilum FFs. When I'd encounter Hostile Fighters I'd start firing Pilums at them in 2-3 second intervals. This wouldn't always kill them but it would buy me enough time to maneuver into position for a Gun...
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    Service entry dates for Confed fighters

    Simple, being able to pick your ship is privilege of rank. Same as being able to pick who you fly with. Until we get to Wing Commander III we're not the top of the chain of command in the Fighter Wing on the Carrier.
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    Service entry dates for Confed fighters

    Halcyon was the Wing Commander so what he said was the order of things. The Highest Rank that could be achieved in WC1 was Major. Once we play the Secret Mission addons the highest rank that is obtainable is Lt Colonel (Silver Oak Leafs). Halcyon at the end of Operation Crusade on the winning...
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    Any WC-like game you recommend?

    For Starlancer, to use multiplayer when not on a Local Network you'll need to use a Server Service Like Game Ranger to host the game. It's free to install. Another thing you'll need to do to get Starlancer running on a modern Windows machine is to install a No-CD Patch to bypass the Software...
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    Any WC-like game you recommend?

    Starlancer can still be found relatively inexpensive on Amazon around 8.00 USD Freelancer was going for around 40.00 USD last week again on Amazon. Darkstar One should be on GOG as well as the X-Wing/Tie Fighter Series
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    The Winning Ending (November 7, 2020)

    It is not naive to hope for change. It's only naive to not expect any pushback to change.
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    Concept Meets Reality in WC4 Match Up (November 9, 2020)

    I always liked the design of the Intrepid. She represented the plucky spirit of the Border Worlds Militia of being able to take make something out of nothing.
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    It sure took long enough...

    I found this on Microcenter Capi if you are considering a laptop.
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    Stay safe, wingnuts

    Last I had heard in my State of Michigan, we have 43 dead and nearly 2300 confirmed cases . Considering at the beginning of last week we were at 3 deaths and 300 range in cases that is quite a jump. Two of the Big Hospitals in Metro Detroit, Beaumount, and Henry Ford are nearing capacity with...
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    WC3: what if you could win with Behemoth?

    In both cases in the WC3 cut scenes when the T-Bomb is deployed in Hyperion, and Kilrah both Planets went kaboom. Prophecy seemed to retcon the damage to Kilrah by having the planet split open but still physically there in some form.
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    WC3: what if you could win with Behemoth?

    The Atomic Bombs at that point in the war didn't need to be used. The US and her Allies had the Home Islands in a stranglehold. One of the main justifications for their use however was the casualty estimates from the proposed Operation Downfall invasion of Japan. The US had other plans it could...
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    Ohio Entomologist Finds Possible Evidence of Life on Mars

    Alert the Council, and Assemble the team... Activate The XCOM Project...
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    "Exciting remasters"

    Lucasarts which is owned by Walt Disney.
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    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    Nice work Defiance. Graceful and Sleek as an Arrow always should be.
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    Freelancer porting of Wing Commander ships

    So I went ahead and copied the files over to my Freelancer Installation. Fired it up and started a new game. I must say it was awesome watching The Donau get jumped by the flight of Dragons. So far I've only got as far as Completing Mission 1 B, the hunt for the Rouge Base. The Razors are...