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    Kilrathi game?

    I think a Kilrathi game is a great idea. I always liked things that showed the opposite side of the war. I'd take a Salthi over a Ferret or Hornet any day.
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    Bhurak Starkiller

    I wouldn't have expected any of their furs to be orange (except maybe Bakhtosh). I would have thought Bhurak- light brown, Khajja- maybe grey, Dakhath- dark brown, and Bakhtosh- yellow or maybe a light orange.
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    Bhurak Starkiller

    Hey, thanks. That helps a lot. Gold helmet, huh? As if his custom helmet wasn't cool enough.
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    Bhurak Starkiller

    I've decided to draw Bhurak since he was one of my favourite named Kilrathi from the series, but it's sort of hard when my only reference is a black and white 8 cm picture. What sort of feline would you say he's most similar to? Did the nar Caxki (That's his clan, isn't it?) have a particular...
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    Changing faces of the Kilrathi

    I'd rather not have Del Toro's visionary directing applied to the Kilrathi. It's a bit too... I can't find the right word... odd. The Kilrathi aren't meant to bee too physically complex. But I prefer the Wing Commander 1 and 2 versions of large anthropomorphic felines. I'm not sure why it ever...
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    Wing Commander and Audio Books

    I definately would. Would there be different accents for different characters and stuff?
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    Wing Commander 3/4 Flightsuits and Uniforms for wc3

    Bandit LOAF, do you happen to have a picture of Hobbes'/a Kilrathi helmet handy?
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    Perfect Plan Standalone Release

    I may have voice acted a female role in Grade 7 for my friend's project, but many years later and now I have a fairly deep voice. So my best bet is probably the Alliance Pilot (male, I hope?). I'll try to send it fairly soon, but I'm having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so expect some delay.
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    Perfect Plan Standalone Release

    You still need voice actors, or has that ship flown?
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    Wing Commander Academy: The Series

    I watched the first few episodes and it was pretty entertaining. It kind of bothered me how the Kilrathi don't have eyes, though.
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    The poor quality will be missed. :(
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    Hat Poll

    Could you tell me 5 of them? :p I'm just not sure what the intended purpose is.
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    Hat Poll

    I got my hat. Thanks! But what am I supposed to do with the "Crafted with pride in the F.L.R" patch?
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    My Spore Kilrathi are now in space!

    Nice kil. Any screen shots of the Firekkans?
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    WC booze

    What was in Firekka's Finest again? Whiskey and Tobasco sauce and something? How would one mimic that in present day Terra?