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    Wing Commander Toolbox

    Privateer really has some beautiful pre-rendered assets for the time.
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    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    Maybe they'll finally patch in an option to completely remove joystick deadzone? The game drives me nuts there's a 5 - 10% deadzone, so I have to keep autoaim turned on. When you're using a hotas with a 10 inch vertical throw, even a slight deadzone means an extra horizontal inch of travel to...
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    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

    Anyone know if there is a way to remove the joystick/HOTAS deadzone present in the game? I'm using a modded HOTAS Cougar, and because the stick is so large the deadzone takes up an inch of stick travel and is driving me nuts. I'm used to space sims with zero dead zone, but because this game...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack

    This stuff looks fantastic! But I must ask... is there ever any hope for better FOV when playing this game and the free mod Standoff in widescreen? As is the game simply zooms in when in widescreen and compresses the FOV.
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    Wing Commander Easter Egg Discovered In The Stygian Abyss (October 21, 2014)

    Nice! I love Ultima Underworld--and WC 2, obviously. :) Question: That screenshot, is it taken off a real CRT monitor or some version of Dosbox? If a CRT, which one--model/dimensions, etc? If Dosbox... more details, please. I'm currently trying to perfect my Dosbox to look as close to a CRT...
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    Wing Commander 3... CD 4 Bad?!? After all these years??!?

    Okay, I fixed it! I just copied out my savegames to a backup directory, then deleted my old install (15 year old install... which I dd'd via unix over to a newer drive) and reinstalled it via CD 4 and... It works now! Hahahaha good stuff. The whole scene where you meet up with Flint and...
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    Wing Commander 3... CD 4 Bad?!? After all these years??!?

    Well, after 15 years I finally have played through Wing Commander 3. I've had the CD's this long. I've done it on Crazy difficulty... and finally, finally tonight I made it to CD 4 for the first time ever. It was a big accomplishment, I felt good about myself. I popped in CD 4 after rescuing...
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    My take on the classics

    Nice! Okay, I'm now requesting the obligatory remake of the original Wing Commander 2 boxart with models! :)
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    Widescreen Field of View

    Any luck on getting the FOV changed? I played around with the executable using a hex editor for quite some time and had zero luck. I could try decompiling it? I'm not sure what language the original code is written in...
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    Wing Commander 3 on Crazy difficulty...

    I thought the Wing Commander 3 code was lost for good?
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    Wing Commander 3 on Crazy difficulty...

    Is there a keyboard command to target missiles? Oh, and I thought the Hellcat sucks? I switched to the Arrow as it is the only thing fast enough to dodge missiles? Well, the only choices I get are Arrow or Hellcat.
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    Wing Commander 3 on Crazy difficulty...

    It is nuts! I don't know how anyone has ever beaten it on Crazy or higher, especially in the later game before you get the Excalibur. I'm talking specifically around where you have to escort the Behemoth--well, the mission right before it dies. That vile sweep around the pulsar. Okay, most...
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    Is WC3 via really ready for prime time?

    I dunno about that. I just added a few lines to my MS-DOS boot menu in my config.sys and it was ready to roll--then again, I grew up using commandline OS's back in the day. I will say this--playing WC 3 on a pure DOS machine results in much smoother transitions aboard the carrier (stills to...
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    WC 4 and... 3DO WC 3?

    Ohhh I see then. So it looks a lot like WC 1/2 for a reason. I bet it isn't using polygons on the 3DO version at all, eh? I always remember the 3d capabilities of it lacking.
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    WC 4 and... 3DO WC 3?

    If I'm forced to use Windows to play the DVD version of WC4, what do most people use for the MIDI-music playback? I know WC 4 doesn't support an MT-32 (I have one :( ) and a real AWE-32 sounds great in WC 3, but on my Windows PC, I have an SB X-Fi card and well, it just sounds awful for...