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    WC1: eject while Claw explodes

    The Bonnie Heather was notorious for having its invulnerability flag set. As for the Concordia - if I recall, the mass Grikath torpedo runs at one of the mission which occurs in normal gameplay. Also, it can be destroyed in most capship CQB missions if you parry the phase-transit cannon...
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    Fixin’ for a New Poll (January 30, 2022)

    Sparks it is, purely because of the double-entendre that flew over my then-young head when I first started playing WC2.
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    Easter Eggs Abound in Squadron 42 Trailer (October 11, 2012)

    The cockpit VDUs in the hornet was Super Wing Commander style. I also see a touch of Starlancer with the presence of a turret on a small fighter. A bit off-topic, but the entire concept of a Terran empire seems to be much closer to Chris Roberts' original WC pitch.
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    Q's anger management thread (chock-full of spoilers!)

    Consider the first Excalibur missions a soft introduction to things to come. The missions ramp up in difficulty but they will still feel like a spectator sport.
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    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    Aah, it's always the most basic things that catch me out :oops: Turns out I did indeed somehow mix the two installations together. It works fine after a manual delete-and-reinstall. Thanks!
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    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    As for the "calling a patch from within another patch", I was referring to this: I don't think I can do that here :(
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    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    I tried the latest test dlls, the game no longer crashes under OpenGL mode :) Most of the time I get a black screen with no image. The game seems to be running - I have audio and it responds to keyboard and mouse clicks. Here's the dwrap_debug.txt when that happened. One time the game...
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    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    Oh man, my previous post was almost unreadable :oops: I meant to say that I didn't have a secondary monitor or TV, and that setting the desktop colour depth to 16-bit gave the same crash report. Just wondering - is this dwrap patch similar to ddhack? I recall I could not use get ddhack to...
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    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    Thanks for your suggestions HCl! I don't have a secondard monitor, so that is ruled out. I've tried setting the desktop colour to 16-bit, but it gave the same crash difference. Please find attached my DxDiag.txt Please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks!
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    Wing Commander 4 screen weirdness

    For some reason only legacy mode is working correctly on my computer. Windows XP 32-bit SP3 nVidia GeForce 9600GT (latest driver 296.10) If I try to use opengl or ddraw modes I get the following debug file: Is there any thing I could try? Many thanks :)
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    Wing Commander: Eagle Rising - A Game Idea

    In regards to the trasition from flying transports to fighters - perhaps you can incorporate it into a prologue campaign somehow... I envisage something like this: You start in a backwater system ferrying some pilots in an unarmed shuttle from a base to a carrier, with the basic flight...
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    WC II...really hard.

    It just takes a long time for the difficulty to come down. I once tried doing this and have to die at least ~50 times, firing without hitting anything.
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    Kill Count Challenge?

    Maybe we can have a derivative of the no-dying challenge would be to count the number of missions flown in one sitting before dying? (and post to youtube as one long clip)
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    WC II...really hard.

    Taking a break often helps, especially if your previous play session was long enough for WC2's dynamic difficulty level to creep up to maximum level.
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    WC II...really hard.

    I would try the following: - Pull back a bit from that Ralatha (or simply stop and let the fighters come to you) to create more room for dogfighting. - Telling Jazz to break and attack only when the Jalkehis are practically on top of you two. Having said that, I always ended up with Jazz...