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    WC3 Neutron Gun stats and possible errors

    I got interested, and while the WC3 official and Prima guides don't seem to have gun stats in them, the Brady authorised guide does. These are mostly the same as Victory Streak, but they differ for the Meson Blaster (at least in the spreadsheet above)... with the guide having the Meson on a par...
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    WC3 Neutron Gun stats and possible errors

    Well this is serendipitous, for the first time in nearly 3 years, I'm in the same place as all my manuals and I find out from this spreadsheet that the US and UK privateer 2 manuals are different...
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    Wcdx - Kilrathi Saga for modern Windows

    Apologies for the necro-reply, but I used sheepshaver and basilisk a few years ago to emulate a system 7 machine and play SWC for the Mac on the pc. One of them worked better than the other (i forget which) and obviously you had to emulate the entire system to get it running, but it wasn't...
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    A WC2 preview from 1991 (Computer Games Strategy Plus)

    Well that is an interesting review! Having played WC2 for the first time on a 386 SX 33, I can sympathise with some of the complaints (loading times) but not the rendering of lip-sync etc, that seems to be because the review machine was a 16 MHZ system. The 25MHz SX version had been out for 2...
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    Absolute Territory 2.0 Update brings new VR experience graphical updates with more configurable options, user accessibility options, and more.

    In fairness the gun battery is less a problem, and more that it forced me to change my dogfighting style a bit - so it frustrated me a little bit but I got somewhat used to it (though 1 or 2 more shots wouldn't hurt!). That said, it probably helped avoid feeling overpowered as the player ship...
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    Absolute Territory 2.0 Update brings new VR experience graphical updates with more configurable options, user accessibility options, and more.

    So I gave this a play during the 2020 game festival. Overall it was pretty good, the shooting was reasonably enjoyable with one oddity that during the campaign mission where you have to destroy the supply depot crates, I noted that the weapons actually seemed to shoot marginally below the...
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    Damage system in WC1&2

    So how does explosive damage fit into that, it can't just be added to damage? If you only count "damage" then missiles are puny, but if you count "explosive" then the dumbfire should kill the tigers claw! Unless explosive is damaging only to shields, do we know the values for the shields...
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    Need help with Original DOS version of Privateer 2

    What did you do here? to install it should be simply: Install privateer 2 copy the p2patch.exe to the C:\Dark folder in dosbox run p2patch (it should extract 4 files - osi.exe, patch.txt, patch.bat, patch17E.dat again in dosbox run patch.bat and it should say that it's patching Dark.EXE and...
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    Wing Commander IV (DOS): choppy sound and video - solution

    Running anything so "new" in dosbox does require some fairly beefy hardware to back it up - i'd be tempted to suggest using the WC4 windows version if you could (or the DVD video version from GOG, which i believe is the windows version too?). Glad you found a working config though
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    My collection is finally there!

    Of course, if you're a wing 1 and 2 fan you absolutely need to get the in universe strategy guide by Mark Minasi (Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe). Glad to hear you managed to bag all the games though!
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    I'd say that unless you desperately want to play SWC, that the SegaCD version of WC1 is the best - it gives speech (with a much better quality of voice acting), and still keeps the dos/amiga styles. That said, the SegaCD version doesn't have the secret missions at all, while SWC is the only...
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    WC Workshop Online

    Amazing stuff. Darkmage, the Sega cd speech is significantly better quality, with different voice acting, but either in dos wc would be amazing. I was working on creating a rudimentary parser for the segacd files, to make a mini 'movie player'. I should get back to it.
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    WC1 and WC2 (plus SM) sprite bitmaps

    I think this might be what you're looking for: Although on closer examination, SM appears to be missing, the original viewer is by HCL, but I think Flashpoint was working on something similar?
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    BREAKING NEWS: The Darkening on GOG (September 19, 2013)

    I've picked this up, but not had a chance to install it yet, does anyone know though whether it's the deluxe (win9x) version or the normal (dos), I can't remember if the ddraw patch was implemented for priv2 deluxe, but if it was it could help with the interlacing!
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    Congratulations LOAF! (February 10, 2013)

    Congratulations! Just don't organise the wedding for the day after the CIC birthday party! (I made that mistake)