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    Hello all

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    Wing Commander interesting news! :)

    Re: Wing Commander intresting news! :) Ummmmmmmmmm... Crack kills?
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    Where The Hell Are My Space Kitties?!?!

    Paladin is NOT french in the movie. The Kilrathi in the movie were closer to the original idea Roberts had, plus, they were cheap. The movie had a very small budget, so taking the cheap route was required in some areas.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Of course, just like all other WC movie related things...
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    And we all know why it's not smart to make TC angry...
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    Wing Commander should be called Two Fighter Commander

    "Why can't Origins or whoever design WC so that you can command more fighters, like maybe 30, i.e., a "true" wing" Because Wing Commander is an action game, Homeworld is a strategy game.:-)
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    Is it supposed to be this hard?

    What is your problem exactly? Are you getting killed before you can complete the mision, or you don't understand how to finish the objectives?
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    Loaf bla bla

    If you have a problem with admins/mods, than use the e-mail. Don't bit*h and complain here.
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    Starlancer VS Wingcommander

    Yep, like Phoenix pointed out, try to avoid X vs Y threads. Besides, trying to compare ships between two different universes set many years appart is impossible...
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    WC Universe in ONE word...

    Fifth Element is officialy the best movie ever made...
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    Kilrathi vs.Nephilim

    Most of their capships are pretty good, the Manta is better than a lot of the fighters we see in SO, the Squid would be a very effective fighter if the dumb AI knew how to use it effectivly. Same goes for the clustered ships.
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    Kilrathi vs.Nephilim

    Nephilim have quite a few strong ships. It's not their fault OSI gave them a sh*ty AI...
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    Kilrathi vs.Nephilim

    The Nephilim are much stronger. The amount of ships they can produce makes them better by itself.
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    WC Universe in ONE word...

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    WC Universe in ONE word...