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    Role Play All Day (August 15, 2021)

    Well that's cool! I thought outside of the long since dead Pioneer I didn't think I'd see a design of mine running around out there. The Hunchback looks really good! I like the colors!
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    End Run eBook

    Awesome, and bummer! Cool. Thanks for the info!
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    End Run eBook

    Howdy all! I recently picked up all the eBook releases for the series and noticed I was one book short still. It looks like End Run is missing. Anyone know where I can pick it up? I've got my paperback copies, but I'd like to have it in digital format as well. It's that time of year again where...
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    How many of us are in the Armed Forces?

    I'm currently serving Active Duty in Germany flying Apache Longbows. I don't know how much Wing Commander had to do with me joining...I sure played it a lot. My dad actually is still flying Apaches in the Army as a CW5...that definitely had a lot to do with me joining. Love it. Nothing better...
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    Windows 7 and WC3...

    I can confirm that this works as well. What a random thing to have to have open. Colors were 100% flawless, the only deviation from the setup I run is I don't force Windows to run in 640x480 mode. But, yup. Runs flawlessly! Now I just have to get my pilot skills back :)
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    Think Back to the Most Expensive Year... (October 3, 2010)

    Kilrathi Saga. I wound up spending around $250 in my drive to acquire it. Very, very glad I did. It's the jewel of my collection. Brad
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    Can someone provide me a few images ? in the world did I miss these images the first time around? These are fantastic! I gotta say, as much as I love the blocky awesomeness of the Thunderbolt, the Vampire is easily a contendor (contender?...whatever) for sexiest ship in the WC universe. The high res shots really do her...
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    Borderworlds Banshee (1/48 scale scratch built scale model)

    This is f-in amazing. Seriously, Brad
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    Damn...we're toast.
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    It's funny you mention the Vega Strike Engine, because it actually wrote me an e-mail itself about a month back telling me it had already written Pioneer and done it faster, and better than anyone in the universe could ever think of doing it. I think it's becoming something like SkyNet now. Brad
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    Is this project dead?

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    Is this project dead?

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    Is this project dead?

    Joel, our programmer.
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    Is this project dead?

    Not a clue. As I said, i've been waiting for a long while, over a year now. Brad
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    Is this project dead?

    Hey guys, I've unfortunately not got a whole lot to report from my end. I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more for the 'playable' version of the game for some time now for number and design checking. I've also been terribly busy with work, i'll be sandbox-ward before to long, so...