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    Return to Monkey Island coming 2022

    Sadly it's not just "gamers"; they'd be an easy group to avoid! There's this strange new complete lack of ability to read or understand media... this completely nonsensical belief that art isn't a way of saying something but a challenge for the artist to match some specific expectation the...
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    Language Lesson: Grimalkin (July 3, 2022)

    Embarrassing discovery: “grimalkin” is a real word which means cat, often a witch’s familiar. This means I have been missing a joke in Special Operations 2 for THIRTY YEARS. Paladin renames a captured freighter the Grimalkin for the titular special operation. I always assumed it was just a...
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    Group Reading: Action Stations 2022

    Action Stations - Prologue Notes "men, women and alien allies" - something that percolates through the lore (especially in the novels and to a lesser extend on Academy and in material written around Armada and WC3) is the fact that the Confederation includes multiple alien species AND an...
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    Group Reading: Action Stations 2022

    I am very sorry for the delayed response. I love these threads and want to contribute but they become overwhelming! Action Stations is one of my favorite Wing Commander books, maybe my favorite today after Freedom Flight. I think the broad criticisms you hear are pretty accurate… Dr...
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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About WC Killboards (June 26, 2022)

    He does indeed! And what a good opportunity to plug something I've been working on for the past week or two: a spreadsheet of different Wing Commander game scripts that includes different ports! Curious what does and doesn't change between WC1, WC1 SNES, SWC, etc? Here's your resource...
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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About WC Killboards (June 26, 2022)

    The news adapted this one from a Twitter thread and the bottom part ended up being cut off. You can start here for more including Maniac's total kill score and the Prophecy boards! Wing Commander IV does have killboards for the Lexington and the Intrepid... but neither one has a visible...
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    European WC Classics on Display (June 27, 2022)

    I love these European CD-ROM Classics that came in thick jewel cases. How cool would it be to have a collection of them in all the different languages? Here's a recent photo posted by Stephan: I believe there were three Wing Commanders: -- Original update published on June 27, 2022
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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About WC Killboards (June 26, 2022)

    Let's look at some chalkboards! The kill board in Wing Commander I is one of those great immsersive touches: instead of scoring points like an arcade, you stay in the game world and compete with the characters you recognize. All the characters' kills increase as the game progresses but they...
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    Questions from End Run

    This is not new to the eBook version, it has been in there since the original printing. It's a simple error but interestingly I can tell you exactly how it happened: Dr. Forstchen's reference for the ships was a 'Wing Commander bible' prepared by Origin to explain the rules and the background of...
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    Amazing Variation in WC Ports' TrainSims (June 15, 2022)

    Why play ports? Let's take a quick walk through the TrainSim enemy selection screen in ports of the original Wing Commander! Here's the original from 1990 in EGA and VGA. The Amiga version swapped the line art for rotating ship sprites! Then the CD32 version made them a little smaller...
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    Wing Commander Toolbox

    File attach attempt 2!
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    Wing Commander Toolbox

    Combat alert! Poking around Super Wing Commander's BRIEF.000 file I discovered that there is added rec room and briefing text for a third Enyo mission. I'm curious if any of you much smarter people are able to read SWC's Vega Sector campaign file and see if there's an extra mission hiding in there?
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    How Many Ships Make up the Wing Commander Movie Fleet? (June 7, 2022)

    The Star Wars guys always love doing this so I thought I'd give it a shot. As best I can tell there are four Concordias and two Bengals moored at Pegasus, plus the TCS Vanguard which is exiting before the attack happens. And then the fleet at the end consists of 16 visible Concordias...
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    Neat Find for Wingnut Pinheads Out There (June 4, 2022)

    Another neat discovery from AD: the pinball machine (very briefly) seen in the Tiger Claw's rec room is a 1991 Williams Hurricane machine. And you can buy a detailed recreation in Pinball FX3 to simulate playing pinball on a space carrier! -- Original update published on June 4, 2022